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Keeping your endpoints safe and running with a fast, effective cloud-based RMM solution.

In digital business, technology has become much more sophisticated, flexible and widespread. Companies are regularly using cloud-based systems, with users connecting from devices all around the world, a trend that has only grown with the work from home trend caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While this approach helps companies become more agile, it also creates vulnerabilities thanks to the number of endpoints plugging into the system. To maintain an overview of operations and keep your network, you need a solution to help you monitor them.

This is what NinjaRMM does. It’s a cloud-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution that monitors and manages all your endpoints in real time. A simple and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to set up and get going, while additional features help you tailor the solution to your requirements.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are increasingly integrating with RMM software from multiple providers to offer customers the ability to use their preferred management framework (see N-able to Offer Microsoft Intune), opening more markets for RMM providers like NinjaRMM.

Remote management software

Remote management software, as the name implies, helps you monitor IT infrastructure remotely. It can be used for a number of key tasks to keep your remote IT infrastructure running smoothly, including:

  • Monitor and manage endpoints

  • Validate new endpoints

  • Automate key tasks

  • Improve security

  • Resolve technical issues remotely in real time

In short, RMM software gives you a complete overview of your team and their devices no matter where they are. It brings management into the age of remote work and helps managers keep tabs on their team across all locations.

Introducing Ninja RMM

Launched in 2013, Ninja RMM is proud of its status as an independent founder-led IT platform. Born in the cloud, RMM has a unified code base and aims to deliver integrated IT management solutions at scale.

When properly managed, IT is a key source of growth with an integral role in the company’s success. By integrating IT management across an operation, businesses can improve productivity while reducing their costs, helping it to innovate more quickly and be more competitive on price.

Ninja RMM offers a cutting edge product stacked with features, including:

  • Multiplatform management: Resolve IT issues and minimize downtime with real-time access to devices. The endpoint management tool can quickly solve problems without interrupting end users.

  • Powerful patch management: Automatically schedule patches and updates to keep operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and Linux secure.

  • Automation: Save time and boost productivity by automating repeated tasks. Automations can be deployed on demand or scheduled, freeing staff up for other tasks.

  • Robust monitoring and alerting: Identify and resolve issues before your customers know there is a problem.

  • Fast, secure remote access: Take control of remote devices with integrated remote access tools.

  • Endpoint protection: Protect all your endpoints by managing and automating antivirus solutions.

  • Integrated cloud backup: Quick cloud backup for all your files and folders.

Integration with other software

For any product to work effectively, it has to be able to work with other applications. Over the years, NinjaRMM has developed the ability to integrate with key pieces of software across all their key functions. These include:

  • Remote access: Allows you to integrate with any device using TeamViewer, Splashtop or Connected Control

  • Endpoint Security: Keep all endpoints secure with key cyber security applications such as Webroot

  • Cyber Security: Bitdefender and Malwarebytes

  • Backup: Perform recovery actions and backup files with StorageCraft and CloudBerry Lab

  • Documentation: Centrally manage all your key documentation using IT Glue and Solar Winds Passportal

  • Warranties: With ScalePad, you can monitor and update warranties

  • Analytics: With BrightGauge, you can pull data from multiple sources and analyze them effectively to gain new operational insights

To streamline operations and automate key tasks, NinjaRMM can connect to a host of other platforms providing a range of tasks. These include:

  • Accelo: A smart technology platform focusing on automating and streamlining operations

  • AutoTask: A technology platform designed for technology providers with multiple clients

  • ConnectWise: An automation and remote monitoring solution

  • Computicate: A professional services automation (PSA) platform

  • Harmony PSA: A next-generation PSA software provider

  • Promys: Am enterprise PSA software provider

  • RepairShop: An RMM and PSA solution designed for computer repair

  • SherpaDesk: A cloud-based solution offering billing itself as the Swiss Army Knife of PSA

NinjaRMM benefits

NinjaRMM claims a much faster go live time than most competitors, taking between two and three weeks compared to an average of 1.36 months for other platforms. It bills itself as being faster to set up, easier to use and more effective than its competitors.

For example, it can give IT professionals up-to-the minute updates on the status of all their clients workstations. If there is a problem, they should be able to help the client solve it remotely via their desktop.

Internal IT departments can become more powerful, taking center stage in an operation. With NinjaRMM, they have a central location from which to track, monitor and manage all endpoints across their operations.

NinjaRMM has also earned a reputation as the number one provider of customer support, according to a Reddit survey. Their customer support services include free onboarding and free unlimited training and ongoing support.

Use cases

Ninja RMM can be used for many different types of uses, including:

  • IT support: IT departments can quickly log on and resolve issues

  • Streamlining operations: Using its automation features, teams can automate key tasks, freeing employees up for other tasks

  • Team management: Monitoring your entire endpoint infrastructure allows teams to successfully keep tabs on remotely based teams

  • Security: Quickly updating security for all endpoints by automating software patches and managing antivirus software

The fact that NinjaRMM is hosted in the cloud makes it quick and simple to implement. It brings the IT department right to the forefront and can help turn businesses into more agile, digitally-focused organizations.

Case study

Business Cloud used NinjaRMM’s intuitive operations and extensive customer support to grow their company three-fold. As they got larger, Business Cloud realized they needed a more powerful remote management option than they currently received with TeamViewer. Having tried an alternative provider in Datto, they found that many of their products didn’t quite work as expected. Instead they turned to Ninja RMM. The solution worked straight out of the box, providing them the performance and power they needed.

The release of a new feature for end user sharing allowed the company to benefit from the shift towards remote work, as they helped more and more customers with their remote working strategies.

“At Business Cloud our intention is to identify and solve client problems before they become aware of them,” said Evan Oberman, CTO of Business Cloud. “Our goal is to provide concierge-level white-glove services to our customers. Ninja enables us to provide this exact type of high-touch, high level of services to our customers.”

User reviews

This combination of a powerful platform, ease of use and comprehensive customer service support is one reason why NinjaRMM has an edge in customer reviews compared to most of their main rivals.

On G2 it averaged 4.8 stars out of 5, 4.9 on Capterra and nine out of ten on TrustRadius. In general customers are likely to praise their onboarding and customer support, out of the box functionality and wide-ranging application.

These qualities were the reasons Canadian IT support company InHouse Support decided to switch from a different provider, Kaseya. The complexity of the Kaseya solution drove them towards the simplicity, speed and functionality of Ninja RMM.

“We evaluated support by using it during the trial. The level of knowledge of the NinjaRMM support team was super high. The support team doesn’t just run through a script — they really know the product and how to help,” said Ben Estephan, President of InHouse Support. “I have never experienced the speed or knowledge of support the NinjaRMM team exhibited with any other RMM vendor.”

NinjaRMM pricing

Ninja RMM’s pricing depends on the specific needs of organizations. Arrange for a free trial to see which solutions you will need and if they offer value for your company. When it comes to making a buying decision, you are asked to fill in a form for a free personalized quote. The company estimates the time for return on investment of six months on average compared to an industry average of just over 12.

NinjaRMM competitors

The pandemic has served as rocket fuel for the RMM market, as businesses moved to work from home models and clients increasingly wanted remote assistance. That demand has benefitted NinjaRMM and its competitors, who include:

  • Kaseya

  • Atera

  • N-able

  • Microsoft Endpoint

  • Datto

  • ConnectWise

Each of these has benefited from the rise in work from home arrangements and the need to remote monitor. They make roughly the same promise: to help you automate key tasks and monitor your endpoint infrastructure. Ninja RMM is now established in this sector and delivers functionality in a package which is simpler and more customer friendly.

User reviews suggest users are looking for solutions which are reliable, easy to use and implement, while offering extensive customer support. On all of these points, NinjaRMM scores high, making it well positioned to capitalize on growing demand from small and medium sized businesses.