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It’s the experience and track record of LogMeIn Central against the up-and-coming NinjaRMM. Which RMM tool is best for you?

In a world where remote working and connectivity are becoming more commonplace, remote monitoring and managing software is coming into its own. Two of the biggest names in this space are LogMeIn Central and NinjaRMM.

From managing remotely based teams to helping clients with technical assistance, these platforms play a vital role in keeping businesses running smoothly, and they’re a critical tool for managed service providers (MSPs). Of the two, LogMeIn Central is the more established player, with decades of experience under its belt. NinjaRMM, meanwhile, is the scrappy newcomer; to date, they have 5,000 customers and more than 2.5 million endpoints under management. But they are growing fast.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into these two vendors to see which offers the best option for your business.

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Remote Monitoring and Management Software

As the name suggests, remote monitoring and management (RMM) software helps companies manage multiple endpoints from a single location. It is often used by support staff and admins to control a device or screen remotely, such as those working from home or IT teams carrying out technical support.

Demand has risen dramatically over the past year, thanks to the surge in remote working due to the pandemic. With two-thirds of businesses reportedly working on hybrid work solutions, remote working is set to become a vital part of businesses. With companies looking to be more flexible, maintain collaboration and security, RMM is the cement that holds the digital economy together.

Features of LogMeIn Central and NinjaRMM

Both platforms offer a host of features, including:

  • Remote desktop management and control
  • Remote device access
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Full automation
  • Endpoint management

However, both differ significantly, with each one offering strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Below, drawing on user reviews, we’ve selected where each RMM software is particularly strong.

LogMeIn Central’s Pros

Remote control: Control another desktop remotely with permission.
User management: Arrange your users into groups, control permissions, enable two-factor authentication, and extend computer access.
Computer Grouping: Organize computers according to location, access permissions, function, or any other criteria.
Antivirus management: Protect and secure your central computers with antivirus powered by Bitdefender.
Remote deployment: Deploy LogMeIn hosts and set up installation packages on every machine in your IT environment.
Computer health monitoring: monitor the health of all computers in your network.

NinjaRMM’s Pros

Multiplatform management: Real-time access to devices.
Powerful patch management: Automatically schedule patches and updates.
Automation: Save time by automating key tasks.
Robust monitoring and alerting: Identify and resolve issues before your customers even know there is a problem.
Fast, secure remote access: Take control of remote devices with their integrated remote access tools.
Endpoint protection: Protect all your endpoints by managing and automating antivirus solutions.
Integrated cloud backup: Quick cloud backup for all your files and folders.

LogMeIn Central and NinjaRMM Compared

Both products have their strengths, and which you choose will have much to do with your own needs. Here we compare them across a number of areas critical to RMM buyers.

Application Integration

A smooth integration with other systems is vital to the success of any RMM software. Both offer a host of connections to other leading applications. Here we give the edge to LogMeIn due to its integrations with Service Now, Salesforce and Zendesk.

NinjaRMM connects to a large number of applications. However, LogMeIn offers integrations with some of the biggest and most popular cloud applications, giving it a clear advantage in usability.


NinjaRMM users report easy implementation, less than a month in most cases, along with rapid updates and good customer service.

LogMeIn offers market-leading security across all channels, ease of use with a highly intuitive dashboard, and highly reliable and stable remote access to endpoints.

LogMeIn Central is part of a much wider suite of LogMeIn products. It is the result of years of experience and development.

Both have plenty to offer, but for security, ease of use, and all-around product strength, LogMeIn Central has the edge.

User Reviews

Both platforms boast excellent user reviews. NinjaRMM boasts 4.8 stars out of five on G2, 4.9 on Capterra, and nine out of ten on TrustRadius. Customers love the ease of their onboarding and customer support, together with a wide range of applications.

LogMeIn scores are slightly slower, albeit still extremely positive. TrustRadius gives it an average of 8.6 out of ten and 4.4 stars out of five on Capterra.

Purely because it has higher average scores for user reviews, NinjaRMM takes this round.


Of the two, LogMeIn provides more details about pricing. They start from around $87 per month for 25 computers, rising to $315 per month for 250 computers. On top of this, you can add a number of additional features such as:

  • Security: $222
  • Automation: $222
  • Insight: $196

NinjaRMM requests that potential customers get in touch with them directly for a personalized quote.

Both offer a free trial.

With little information provided about pricing, it’s difficult to come to a judgment about NinjaRMM. LogMeIn, however, is clear and upfront. Pricing is flexible depending on your functionality. For the features they offer, they deliver real bang for your buck.

And the Winner Is…

In summary, this is a tight contest between two very successful RMM platforms. We’d have to give the edge to LogMeIn in overall product sophistication, but NinjaRMM’s happy users suggest that anyone whose needs can be met by NinjaRMM will likely join their list of happy customers.