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Apple in the enterprise

1 - Apple Systems, Devices Reach the Enterprise CoreApple Systems, Devices Reach the Enterprise Core

Resistance to Apple in the enterprise is futile, research shows. The need to support Windows alongside Apple creates challenges and opportunities for MSPs.

2 - Rise of Apple in the EnterpriseRise of Apple in the Enterprise

A full 75% of employees choose Mac over Windows, confirming reports that Apple adoption is increasing in the enterprise.

3 - Discriminating AgesDiscriminating Ages

Individuals between ages 18 and 54 overwhelmingly choose Apple, while those in the 55-plus age group feel more comfortable with Windows. But even then, the majority of the over-55 set still pick Apple. When it comes to mobile, the vast majority in all age groups picks Apple iOS.

4 - Reasons for Choosing AppleReasons for Choosing Apple

Well over two-fifths (43%) credit Apple with being easier to use. Another 17% said Apple offers the apps they want, while 11% said Apple is more secure. Another 29% cited other reasons.

5 - Mobile Device ChoiceMobile Device Choice

When it comes to mobile device choice, 79% cite Apple, 18% Android, 2% Windows and 1% Blackberry.

6 - Reasons for Choosing Apple's iOSReasons for Choosing Apple’s iOS

Just over two-fifths (41%) again credit Apple with being easier to use. But 27% said Apple iOS offers the apps they want, while 16% said Apple iOS was more secure.

7 - A Matter of ChoiceA Matter of Choice

The majority of companies (61%) offer employees a computer and/or mobile device choice; 71% said it’s important for their companies to offer choice. Nearly three out of every four employees who are not currently offered device choices said their organizations should adapt with the changing technology culture.

8 - A Matter of Choice by Company SizeA Matter of Choice by Company Size

Larger companies (501 or more employees) are slightly more llikely (62%) to offer employees choice than smaller organizations (58%).

9 - A Matter of ProductivityA Matter of Productivity

While 72% of employees feel they are more productive when they gain access to the technology platform they want, 80% believe offering a choice is now or should be standard operating procedure.