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Mobile payments

1 - Got Mobile Apps?Got Mobile Apps?

Get ready for mobile apps 3.0. Organizations will need to restart their app efforts with user-centric design and data-powered solutions. They will also need to leverage location, context, usage behavior and data.

2 - Smartphones and the IOTSmartphones and the IOT

The smartphone is becoming the control hub for IoT with the launch of wearable, connected and IoT devices, enabling organizations to create new revenue streams, improve customer experience and become more efficient.

3 - Mobile Tops All Web BrowsingMobile Tops All Web Browsing

In 2014, mobile browsing made up 35% to 40% of all Web browsing in terms of time spent. But transactions from mobile devices represented only 15% to 20% of all transactions.

4 - The Rise of PhabletsThe Rise of Phablets

DMI predicts 2015 will be the breakthrough year for the phablet, and with smartphone screens getting larger, this means rethinking adaptive design based on screen size and navigation.

5 - Big Data Goes MainstreamBig Data Goes Mainstream

Big data becomes integral to all mobile services. In 2015, big data will no longer be thought of as a separate initiative and will become an integral part of every online and mobile strategic plan.

6 - Wearables Roll OutWearables Roll Out

Apple’s entry into the wearables market, along with the launch of a broad range of wearable devices and sensors this year, is expected to jump-start growth in this space. These monitoring and tracking devices can do a variety of things, such as tracking visit frequency, products and services browsed and time spent, and identifying patterns and trends.

7 - Health Care Data SharingHealth Care Data Sharing

While doctors are optimistic about technologies that help monitor illnesses, enable remote communications with patients and analyze aggregated data to make predictions, this data collection poses big concerns for privacy advocates and security pros. Companies will need to prepare for data intrusion attempts, security breaches, and access for customers who want to look at their data.

8 - Bundling Loyalty and PaymentsBundling Loyalty and Payments

The most successful loyalty and mobile payment apps in 2014 came from innovative companies, such as Starbucks, Amazon and Uber. Think about what your company’s mobile payment and loyalty platform would look like if it could be redesigned from scratch for the mobile user.

9 - The Rise of Mobile App DevelopmentThe Rise of Mobile App Development

Enterprise mobile app development is expected to double in 2015, according to IDC, which has resulted in a wealth of new tools to help make app development easier, said DMI. It’s also getting much more complex with thousands of new features and APIs across operating systems, coupled with new device sizes, security threats, business process transformations and legacy backend systems.