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1 - Mobile Ransomware Threat Continues to ClimbMobile Ransomware Threat Continues to Climb

Quick Heal Technologies found that a large leap in ransomware detection, at 200 percent, occurred in the second quarter of 2016 compared with the first quarter.

2 - Mobile Ransomware SpikeMobile Ransomware Spike

Mobile ransomware detection increased 200% in Q2 2016, which amounts to nearly 50% of all ransomware detected in 2015.

3 - Windows Malware Detection DownWindows Malware Detection Down

In Q2 2016, analysis shows a 16% decline in the detection count of malware on Windows computers compared to Q1 2016.

4 - Top Malware ThreatsTop Malware Threats

The top malware threats detected in Q2 2016 include Trojan.Starter.YY4 (23%), followed by W32.Sality.U (22%), Trojan.NSIS.Miner.SD (12%) and W32.Virut.G (10%). Changes in the top 10 indicate malware bad guys keep evolving to adapt to changing technology.

5 - Steady Malware TypesSteady Malware Types

Trojans (29%), worms (19%), infectors (21%) and exploits (1.5%) show constant detection rates for nearly every month in Q2 2016. The combined number for adware and PUA detection is 28% on average.

6 - New RansomwareNew Ransomware

Ransomware showed a slight decline in June (1.8% of detections) compared with May (2%). The list of new ransomware observed in Q2 includes JigsawLocker, Zcrypt, CryptoHost, DMA Locker 4.0, and AlphaLocker.

7 - Uncovered PUAsUncovered PUAs

Mindsparki, BrowseFox and Clientconnect were the top PUA families with the highest detection rates in Q2 2016. New families detected in Q2 include Askcom, InstallCore and Greentree.

8 - Top ExploitsTop Exploits

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) and Rich Text File (RTF) format related vulnerabilities have contributed to 80.5% of the detections, while Java vulnerabilities have contributed 15%.

9 - Android Malware StatsAndroid Malware Stats

Android malware detection dropped by 2.1% in Q2 2016, compared to Q1. Malware and adware also fell by 3% and 2%, respectively.

10 - PUA Detection UpPUA Detection Up

The detection of PUAs increased 5% in Q2 2016 compared to Q1.

11 - Security VulnerabilitiesSecurity Vulnerabilities

In 2016, 155 types of security vulnerabilities were found on the Android platform, climbing from one in Q1 2015, 12 in Q2 2015, 43 in Q1 2016 and 109 in Q2 2016.