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Euclid, a mobile location analytics provider, has launched a reseller program to enable third-party partners to sell and distribute its services as part of their WiFi service packages. The analytics company has largely sold its products direct over the past few years, but recognized the need for a reseller program to help expand its network and drive growth.

Euclid was launched about four years ago although its services offerings only have been available commercially in the market for two years. “The fundamental premise was the idea that brick and mortar retailers should have the same type of access to data that their e-commerce competitors, or in some cases, brethren if they are in the same company [have],” said Adam Wilson, Euclid’s chief marketing officer and senior vice president for products.

“Increasingly, we’re all competing on information, and our ability to optimize operations to improve the customer experience and to do a better job of assessing and targeting our marketing is predicated on having access to more and better data,” added Wilson. “Increasingly, in the physical world, that has been somewhat challenging. Retailers often had access to point-of-sale data that they have been able to analyze but they really don’t know a lot about behavior – what goes on in and around their physical locations.”

Euclid is currently working with WiFi channel partners such as General Datatech (GDT) and Tekmark Global Solutions to provide analytic solutions based on WiFi. The company also has certified  WiFi vendors, including Aerohive, Aruba, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper, Meraki, Ruckus and Xirrus, to offer its analytics capabilities on existing access points.

By working with channel partners already selling WiFi services, the Euclid technology gives them the opportunity to up-sell premium analytics services to existing customers. “Given that WiFi is such a critical and enabling infrastructure for us, the obvious choice for a distribution channel was to go to the value-added resellers and managed service providers that were representing the WiFi manufacturers that we were interoperating with,” explained Wilson.

Aimed at brick-and-mortar companies across a range of verticals, these businesses are turning to mobile location analytics to help make data-driven decisions around marketing, operations and strategy. Euclid uses WiFi technology to interpret visitor behavior in and around physical locations. It collects data such as how many visitors come to a location, how long they stay and how often they return.

Euclid offers a free location analytics platform—Euclid Express—that anyone can deploy and activate at no cost. It provides access to essential analytics data like bounce rates, duration and frequency of visits. The Euclid Advanced product, which the channel is selling, allows them to integrate the analytics data into third-party systems, business intelligence and data warehousing environments and provides more advanced analytics such as being able to assess marketing campaigns, optimize staffing and understand how people are moving through specific zones within an organization or business.

Part of this offering includes an API that allows the distribution channel to pull the analytics data out of the Euclid environment and move it into a data warehouse or other type of environment that allows the customers to process the information side-by-side with their POS data, their loyalty card data and staffing information so they have a better 360-degree view of their business, said Adams.

Partners can sell Euclid’s analytics products as either registered or certified resellers. The benefits and obligations for registered partners won’t be as stringent or as comprehensive as for certified partners, said Adams, but Euclid does provide them with some basic access to resources, basic training, special programs and financial incentives.

The certified program requires a deeper level of engagement for both Euclid and its partners. The benefits are more substantial around margins and volume discounts and resellers receive access to more advanced analytics.

Euclid also provides certified resellers with sales and marketing tools, technical training and support and access to interfaces that can be used to integrate Euclid data into their customers’ business operations. They also receive full dashboard access to demo accounts and test labs as well as full deal support through dedicated account managers.

Gina Roos, a Channel Insider contributor, specializes in technology and the channel.