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Mobile security

1 - Businesses Need Help Securing Mobile Devices, DataBusinesses Need Help Securing Mobile Devices, Data

Less than 25 percent of IT and security pros have adequate policies or controls in place for mobile media; 25 percent have no controls in place.

2 - Risky BehaviorRisky Behavior

30% of employees access corporate resources and applications from unmanaged PCs, resulting in high risks for malware, key logging and other security issues.

3 - More Bad BehaviorMore Bad Behavior

11% of respondents said all mobile workers in their organizations used personal (unmanaged) laptops to do their jobs outside the office, and more than 33% said more than 40% of their workers used an unmanaged personal laptop to access business data and applications.

4 - Mobile Media TroublesMobile Media Troubles

32% of respondents said none of their mobile media devices (such as USBs) were managed by IT. Only 21% said they were fully managed.

5 - Lack of EncryptionLack of Encryption

In addition, only 13% of organizations with more than 10,000 employees, and 7% with 500 to 10,000 workers encrypt data on their USB devices.

6 - Cloud AdoptionCloud Adoption

24% of respondents said they use cloud services because of mobile security concerns.

7 - Windows to GoWindows to Go

44% of respondents are not familiar with Windows to Go, which can securely replicate the desktop environment on a mobile workspace.

8 - Lack of ControlLack of Control

16% of respondents said none of the smartphones used by mobile workers were managed by IT, while 16% said 25% of their smartphones had oversight. Similarly, 20% said they managed zero tablets, and 12% said they managed up to 25% of tablets.

9 - Securing Mobile AccessSecuring Mobile Access

More than 25% of respondents use VPNs to control access, and more than 20% implemented role-based access controls.

10 - Security PrioritySecurity Priority

Nearly 32% said endpoint data protection is critical to IT managers; 26% said it is of extremely high importance; and another 26% said it is of high importance.

11 - Data Security ToolsData Security Tools

Only 25% of respondents use data loss prevention (DLP) at the endpoints to protect against corporate data loss, while more than 64% require periodic password changes by mobile device users.

12 - Security PoliciesSecurity Policies

57% of organizations have easily accessible security policies, and 52% maintain communication with workers to reinforce policies around remote access to enterprise data and applications.

13 - Lack of InsightLack of Insight

While only 40% of respondents said their organizations experienced an incident, 32% said they didn’t know of any.

14 - Biggest Mobile RisksBiggest Mobile Risks

16% of respondents said the greatest exposure to risk on mobile devices is accessing sensitive info on public WiFi, followed by malware introduced by unmanaged devices (14%), and loss or theft of mobile devices containing corporate data (12%).

15 - Enterprise Mobility ChallengesEnterprise Mobility Challenges

77% of respondents said laptop configuration is the most resource-intensive task, followed by updating devices (65%) and dealing with lost, stolen or damaged mobile devices (47%).