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11. The Display

Although the Kindle Fire is great in its own right, the device’s 7-inch display is a bit of an issue. If Amazon launches an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire, though all those issues will be thrown out the window.

22. The Integrated Services

If Amazon wants to see its 8.9-inch Kindle Fire become a success, it’ll need to integrate its many services into the device. From the Kindle e-book store to Prime Instant Video, every single service that Amazon relies upon to make the Kindle Fire a top seller must make its way to the bigger device.

33. Amazon

It’ll be difficult for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire to fail for one simple reason: it’ll be developed by Amazon. The e-retail giant has been able to use its homepage to promote the Kindle Fire, and orders have skyrocketed because of it. Expect the same to happen with the Kindle Fire featuring an 8.9-inch display.

44. Current Kindle Fire Success

As long as the current Kindle Fire is a success, there’s no reason to suggest its bigger cousin won’t be as well. After all, if consumers realize that one device is successful, they’ll want to try out future iterations to see if it could build upon that success. It happened with the iPad. And it could happen again with the Kindle Fire.

55. Some Galaxy Tab 8.9 Success

By the time Amazon brings its 8.9-inch Kindle Fire to the market, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab featuring the same display size will have already seen its fate determined. As long as that device has some success and consumers realize the screen size is a winner, Amazon’s slate should be fine.

66. Cheap Pricing

First and foremost, Amazon must consider how it prices the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire. If it gives it an affordable price tag, similar to the 7-inch option, the company will be far more likely to succeed. An inexpensive price is a key component in Amazon’s strategy, and it can’t give that up for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire.

77. Dual Cameras

One of the biggest issues with the 7-inch Kindle Fire is the lack of dual cameras. If Amazon wants to see its bigger version become a success, the company should deliver dual cameras. After all, it’s becoming a requirement in today’s tablet space, and Amazon doesn’t want to look like a company that won’t follow that trend.

88. 3G Connectivity

Another flaw in the Kindle Fire is its lack of 3G connectivity. Amazon must bring the ability for users to connect to the Web while mobile in the 8.9-inch device. If it does, it can practically solidify its position in the tablet market, and put real pressure on Apple.

99. Even Better: 4G Connectivity

So, this one might be more of a wish than a requirement for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire to succeed, but having 4G connectivity available to owners of the device could very well be the key feature that puts Apple on notice. Apple has been loath to bring 4G to the iPad. Why should Amazon follow suit?

1010. Another Iterative iPad Update

When Apple unveiled the iPad 2, it became a disappointment for many customers who were hoping for something big. For Amazon, though it was a boon. Apple had delivered a product that, while popular, wasn’t groundbreaking. So, Amazon didn’t have to offer anything groundbreaking either. It was an interesting development, and something that Amazon could capitalize on again if the iPad 3 falls short.