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1Rackspace’s Worst Enemies

AmazonAmazon Web Services versus Rackspace has for years now been brewing a competition for the ages. Amazon ratcheted up the pressure in February when it announced customers could host their websites using an Amazon S3 account.

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LinodeEspecially now that Rackspace has forcefully migrated the old Sliceworks customers over to Rackspace Cloud, Linode has been swooping in on those unhappy with the move with an alternative Virtual Private Server option that best approximates their old one.

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MicrosoftIn typical fashion, Microsoft’s established a frienemy relationship with Rackspace, competing against Rackspace Cloud with its Windows Azure service while allowing Rackspace customers to still run the Azure platform software if they so choose.

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Go Daddy Last month Go Daddy sent a shot across Rackspace’s bow with the announcement of a new cloud service and infrastructure-as-a-service offering called Data Center on Demand that is sure to put a new kink in Rackspace’s competitive landscape.

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VerizonRackspace will face the big guns of Verizon now that the firm agreed to pay a whopping $1.4 billion for long-time Rackspace competitor Terremark in a deal that most analysts say was primarily fueled by Verizon’s wish to stand taller in the cloud computing arena.

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AT&TAT&T may be old-guard, but it’s hardly staid and it is definitely keeping Rackspace on its toes with heavy competition from its AT&T Synaptic cloud services. The company’s strong pool of resources and brand name has given it a lot of pull with business customers.

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GoGridWith cloud servers, dedicated servers, cloud storage, and F5 hardware load balancing, Go Grid has been going after Rackspace’s coveted cloud business full throttle with its infrastructure as a service offering since 2008.

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Liquid WebRackspace has Fanatical Support, Liquid Web has Heroic Support. Either way, the two companies have been duking it out over the managed hosting space for well over a decade since Rackspace’s first inception.