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1Workplace of the Future How Technology Will Change the Way We Work

78% of companies currently have less than 10% of their employees working from home more than one day a week, but that number is expected to grow by 2015.

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Perks companies offer to attract knowledge workers:41% said flexible workplace options39% said leading-edge technology10% said locating company in transit-oriented center10% said on-site employee amenities

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Nearly 90% of companies plan to increase their investment in productivity-enabling technologies such as voice-activation and sophisticated video conferencing by 2015.

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88% of companies offer their workforce smart personal devices such as smart phones, PDAs and tablets.

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62% of companies enable remote meetings through desktop video conferencing.

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54% of companies reporting they are actively using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other tools to engage their workforce, customers and other stakeholders.

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46% of companies are already using cloud computing, and many more plan to deploy cloud solutions in the next five years.

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Companies report that workplace mobility programs generate as much as 30% bottom-line occupancy savings per year.

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By 2015, square-feet of office space per-employee will drop from 200 to between 50 and 100, depending on industry.

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Companies increase space utilization by:Providing open worksapces (77%)Having more remote employees (46%)Desk sharing/Co-workspaces (31%)