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1Top Professional Tech Skill Sets

Wondering if your skills are in demand? Is it time to consider new certifications? According to Elance, a leading site for freelance and contract workers, the following professional technology skills are in big demand among technology vendors, solution providers and business consumers.

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With more than 2,029 jobs posted in the last 90 days, PHP is a skill in high demand. Businesses are spending big on leveraging new media and social networks to publicize their offerings and attract new customers. Creating applications and presentations for outlets such as Facebook requires solid PHP skills, and businesses are willing to pay handsomely for them.

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With more than 1,400 jobs posted in the last 30 days, businesses are lining up to attract solution providers and individual professionals that can install, customize and manage Microsoft SQL servers. SQL contract work has jumped almost 100 percent since last June.

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Requests for HTML specialists continue to hold steady and grow. More than 1,733 work requests were posted in March, and the average expert can earn up to $500 per hour per project.

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Database system redesign projects are increasing. Professionals with .NET experience are making the cash, with an average payout of more than $1,000 per design project.

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Sun Microsystems may be having trouble, but demand for support of its Java development platform and applications has never been greater. More than 10 new Java job requests are posted every day through Elance.

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If you are a C expert, you have the pick of projects. More than 455 new requests have been posted in the last 30 days. Top project work on the list: new iPhone apps.

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Looking to develop new apps? With more than 1,203 jobs posted in the last 30 days, experts in MySQL are keeping busy – and employed.

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CSS is still in high demand. As businesses look to create more user-friendly and attractive online content presentations, they need people with solid CSS skills. There are 969 current CSS projects in the Elance pipeline.

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Solving the SEO puzzle remains elusive for many businesses. Specialists who have cracked the SEO code are in high demand. More than 15 new SEO projects are posted daily.