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1Top Paying Business Skills for IT Pros

Business Process Management/Modeling/ImprovementTechnology plays a driving role in the automation necessary for impactful business process changes, but if those who deploy it don’t know how the business works in the first place they won’t be nearly as effective at their jobs.

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Predictive Analytics and ModelingThe more businesses can lean on technologists who can help them implement prediction models, the better decisions they can make to build revenue and minimize losses.

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Enterprise ArchitectureBy their very nature, enterprise architects must have solid grounding in both business process workflows and technology in order to be good at what they do. Employers are especially looking for those with experience in The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), according to Foote Partners.

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Quantitative Analysis/Regression AnalysisMetrics-driven organizations need tech whizzes to help them understand the trends as they relate to a multitude of business measurements, including sales forecasting, customer satisfaction and product quality control.

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Information Risk ManagementSure, you can install a firewall. But can you put together an information risk analysis that takes into account current business priorities? It is the ability to do the latter that will bring in the bigger paychecks.

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Business Performance Management (Software/Systems)All of that quantitative data that organizations use to forecast and tweak processes needs to come somewhere, which is why so many want IT pros with solid fundamental knowledge of business performance management systems.

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Product Lifecycle Management SoftwareIT leaders who can enable the management of a company’s product from conception to design and manufacture and into service and disposal are in high demand.

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IT GovernanceUnderstanding technology is such a small subset of a strong IT governance professional’s toolkit. The best-paid governance pros need to have skills in business process management and audit as well as lots of interpersonal skills to liaise with executives, legal, IT and middle management.

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Security Architecture and ModelsIn addition to risk managers, IT security professionals with solid grounding in architecture and modeling earn higher pay premiums above those who don’t have those skills.

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Project ManagementSo many IT professionals get so hung up in day-to-day management of infrastructure to keep the lights on that they’re incapable of properly managing products that drive business growth. The employees who brush up on project management skills tend to be better compensated for the effort.