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1Self Employed Workforce Gains Momentum

MBO estimates that the independent workforce stands at 16 million in the United States

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60 percent of contractors say they’re highly satisfied with their work situation, compared to half of employees who are unhappy with their work.

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55 percent of independent workers say they made a proactive choice to go that route.

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63 percent say they will continue to work independently.

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14 percent of those 21 and older who are working full-time now said they are likely to be independent in the next two years.

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Among those, six in ten have taken action to make it happen and one third have conducted research to get the ball rolling.

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Among independent workers, 47 percent are male and 53 percent are female

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Millennials make up 12 percent of the independent workforce

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GenXers make up the majority of independent workers at 49 percent of the total pool

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Meanwhile, Baby Boomers make up 30 percent of the independent workforce

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On average, contractors are generally between 30 to 49 years old.

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Half of the independent workforce has a college degree

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The average wage of independent workers is about $52,600 per year

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Three quarters of independents overall stated that doing something they love is more important than making money

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47 percent of contractors say they work independently in order to achieve a greater work-life balance, while 36 percent said they do it to earn more money