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There is something about paper contracts. Is it
the tangibility, the legality, the simplicity or something else? While many
corporate entities are, for lack of a better term, addicted to paper and its
legacy requirements, there is still one simple truth—managing and routing paper
documents can be an expensive process. What’s more, paper often becomes
misplaced, lost or routed incorrectly.

DocuSign is aiming to pull paper out of the
picture with the latest release of its e-signature solution, DocuSign Solutions
for eBusiness. Built on an SAAS (software as a service) model, DocuSign offers
a quick way for businesses to move their paper contracts and agreements into
the digital world, or, at the very least, track the status of those pieces of

DocuSign is billed as a complete contract
execution service, providing document security, transaction workflow,
e-signature, data collection and storage services. The product (or more
appropriately, service) is aimed at businesses of all sizes. The SAAS
implementation of the product makes it suitable for even the smallest of
businesses that need to get a handle on paper contracts. The product has been
on the market for a while, but with the release of the latest version, DocuSign
Professional V2.1, several enhancements have been added that make the service a
better fit for a broader selection of businesses.