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WatchDox, a provider of
document-control, tracking and protection, announced support for viewing
documents on BlackBerry smartphones and a major update to its Apple iOS
application to allow mobile syncing for the iPhone and iPad. WatchDox provides
a way for documents to be securely transmitted and viewed on mobile devices,
with the aim of giving enterprise users the ability to collaborate securely
anywhere at anytime. WatchDox for Blackberry smartphones and the updated
WatchDox application for Apple iOS are currently available.

As enterprises conduct more
business globally and increasingly rely on mobile devices, the risks of
documents leaking increase, the company said. The WatchDox iPhone and iPad
update features document sync, which allows users to securely sync their online
documents or their virtual data room folders so they are available and updated,
without having to adopt insecure consumer sync applications that have recently
been associated with serious data leaks, as well as pass-code protection,
designed to provide an additional layer of security against information
disclosure caused by device loss or theft and performance enhancements that
deliver faster access to documents.

“Mobile devices have added a
welcome level of agility to our business operations,” said an executive of a
Fortune 500 U.S. energy distributor that delivers to more than 3 million
customers. “Our executives and board members are able to access financial
reports, manufacturing specifications and other mission-critical data on the go,
but they need to do so securely. WatchDox makes sure our sensitive documents
don’t fall into the wrong hands, regardless of how, when or where our
stakeholders view them.”

Additionally, WatchDox
document security functionality is now available on BlackBerry smartphones,
allowing companies that use BlackBerries to share documents securely and view
them on BlackBerry devices, restrict these documents from being copied, printed
or forwarded, wipe out documents remotely in the event relationships or
permissions change and accurately render PDF and Microsoft Office documents for
viewing on the BlackBerry platform.

“Too many enterprises feel
forced to accept sensitive information access through mobile devices that lack
the security features they insist on for their desktop computers,” said Moti
Rafalin, WatchDox CEO and co-founder. “This announcement reflects WatchDox’s
ongoing dedication to protecting sensitive information wherever it resides.
Enterprises can now ensure employees, partners and customers accessing
documents on their mobile devices are not inviting security risks by doing so.”