Synnex Offers Reseller App for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS

Looking to access product information, pricing, availability and even place orders from your smartphone while you are visiting customer sites? Synnex has introduced a mobile application for its e-commerce website, ECExpress, for use on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and HP Palm WebOS mobile devices in the United States and Canada.

The mobile app lets Synnex resellers access the best functions of the ECExpress site while they are in the field and also adds UPC product recognition, letting users scan barcodes to get product information.

"We have always developed solutions that enable our resellers to be more efficient,” said Synnex CEO Kevin Murai, in a statement.

“As the world rapidly extends from the desktop to a mobile business environment, Synnex invested in the resources to create ECExpress Mobile," he added. "Synnex Mobile Apps Solutions Group not only developed ECExpress Mobile, they also have developed a custom mobile middleware for our resellers to connect their customers to mobile applications on the fly. No other distributor has this solution."

More information about Synnex’s mobile applications is available here.



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