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SaaS-based collaboration and messaging technology provider HyperOffice has announced the addition of a new hosted email archiving service to its existing portfolio of cloud-based offerings.

The new service offered by HyperOffice recognizes that email is often the wrapper around critical corporate information such as contracts, invoices, business documents and other important information.

HyperOffice executives said that the new feature brings managed cloud-based email archiving within reach for companies that don’t have the IT resources to do it themselves onsite. But just because those businesses may be smaller and might not have the resources to implement such a solution doesn’t mean they don’t need that solution.

“Small and medium businesses tend to think that email archiving is only for the big fish, large enterprises which need to comply with regulatory requirements,” said Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice, in a statement. “Yet these regulations apply to SMBs as well. For instance, thousands of small companies in finance fall under the purview of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act."

Email archiving is not just about regulations, either, Arsanjani said. Other benefits include being proactively prepared for discovery requests in legal cases or internal inquiries.

And, "The recent episode of gmail users losing their emails underlines the importance of safeguarding corporate data in the cloud era," Arsanjani said. "Email archiving adds that extra layer of security."