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Just a week after Intel completed its acquisition of McAfee, it’s back to business as usual as the security company expands its cloud footprint with a new data center to power its security software as a service business.

McAfee has activated its fifth cloud data center in the past 12 months, and another center is expected in a few weeks, the company said Mar. 7. The centers underscore the company’s commitment to growing its e-mail, Web and endpoint security and vulnerability management SAAS offerings, McAfee said.

With the new cloud data centers, McAfee partners can “deliver the highest-grade, global cloud-security footprint,” said Scott Chasin, chief technology officer at McAfee Cloud and Content.

The newest data center in London joins existing cloud centers in Amsterdam, Sydney, Tokyo, Denver, Atlanta and the San Jose/San Francisco area, Charles Var, director of strategic marketing at McAfee, told eWEEK. The company will be opening new centers in Miami and Hong Kong next, he said.

The data centers are designed to deliver peak performance and redundancy, said Var. An outage or disruption at one data center will be invisible to McAfee customers and partners because all others should remain unaffected. For example, each data center operates on multiple power feeds and connects to independent Internet trunks for failover capability, Var said. If issues and problems arise on one trunk, McAfee can quickly and transparently move to the secondary circuit there by isolating customers from the issue, he said.