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Social business networking specialist Spiceworks has teamed with
Eaton, a diversified power management company, to offer the
industry’s first free power management software features that allow its
1.4 million small and midsize business users to remotely
monitor and manage uninterruptible power systems for free
through Spiceworks. The UPS features are available in the latest beta
release of Spiceworks version 5.1, available through the company’s Website.

UPS power management and auditing allows IT workers to remotely monitor
the status of their UPSs, even in some virtualized environments. This
includes receiving alerts on network power events and UPS operational
health. Users can also audit power management events and pinpoint power
disruption sources.

Battery health monitoring shows the remaining power and projected
lifespan of UPS batteries. This includes advice on when to replace
batteries for specific UPS models. Thresholds can be set to alert IT
pros when battery health drops below acceptable levels, and replacement
batteries can be ordered when needed.

Connected device monitoring allows users to view network equipment and
applications supported by specific UPSs so they can better understand
the impact power events are having on specific IT services. Soon,
Spiceworks will deliver additional features that enable IT pros to
remotely initiate safe shutdowns of UPS-connected devices in the event
of an extended power outage.

“Because of our work with Eaton Corporation, IT pros for the first time
will have access to free power management software that will help
ensure their networks run more smoothly,” said Scott Abel, co-founder
and CEO of Spiceworks. “It’s another example of how together with key
industry players we’re helping the world’s small businesses manage
everything IT.”

In addition, community integration and expert advisor delivers
contextual information within the Spiceworks UPS monitoring view on
power management best practices, related Spiceworks community
discussions and tips on better UPS management. In addition, Spiceworks
users can interact with experts from Eaton as well as other IT pros for
answers to specific questions.

“The ability to monitor power to devices across the network is a
priority for today’s IT professionals,” said Hervé Tardy, senior vice
president and general manager for Eaton’s distributed power quality
division. “Eaton’s expertise in intelligent power monitoring software
along with our knowledge of key IT priorities enabled us to work to
deliver this new capability within the latest Spiceworks platform.”