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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation announced its collaboration with Level Platforms, a specialist in remote monitoring and management software, to bring real-time remote monitoring and management of Eaton’s uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) to resellers, solution providers and managed service providers (MSPs). The new Level Platforms features include three comprehensive policy modules that monitor the Eaton UPS units for numerous functions, including temperature and humidity levels, battery charging and test faults, battery usage status, voltage issues, and proactive alerts for advanced battery replacements.

Level Platforms works directly with its vendors to help develop the potential for best practices in product monitoring and joint channel marketing. Eaton and Level Platforms worked closely throughout the integration process to determine which collection of events should be monitored and assisted in the development of the policy modules, according to a company release.

"UPS monitoring and management are important services for MSPs as any failure here could have negative results," said Peter Sandiford, CEO of
Level Platforms, who noted the most rigorous redundancy in servers, storage and networking means nothing if there is a loss of power. "Our collaboration with Eaton will allow MSPs to add a new high-value offering to their customers."

In addition, Eaton announced its collaboration with N-able Technologies, a provider of remote network and systems management (NSM) software, to bring managed service providers (MSPs) real-time monitoring of Eaton’s
UPS platform. As part of the integration, N-able’s partners are now able to monitor and manage their Eaton UPSs, including key metrics such as remaining battery runtime, battery charge level, battery overload notifications, and date the battery was last replaced, as well as input line errors and ambient temperature and humidity.

"Having the capability to easily monitor and manage the power and cooling solutions within a client’s network remotely is a tremendous value for our MSP partners," said Chris Reid, a product analyst at N-able Technologies. "Power and cooling represent lifelines for IT networks, and giving N-central users the insight into how those components of the network are performing is something we’re very excited to bring to market."