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Those in the business continuity and disaster recovery business are always planning for the worst, a pessimistic approach to life at best and a cold hard reality at worst. Planning for every contingency, covering every hurdle and imagining every problem ought to do the trick, right? But, sadly, there always seems to be the unheard of or unexpected event that keeps users away from their data in times of calamity.

Some may argue that it is impossible to perceive every outcome and cover every contingency, and that 90 percent effectiveness is about the most you can expect from a disaster recovery plan and the other 10 percent is left to higher powers, prayer or just plain luck.

For those looking to cover that last 10 percent (or 9.999 percent), help can be found from Continuity Software with its DR Assurance Service.

The company boasts that its latest product is “intended to make protecting data and ensuring disaster recovery (DR) easier than ever. By combining the powerful capabilities of its RecoverGuard(TM) disaster recovery testing and monitoring software, with the expertise of its DR Specialists, customers can virtually ‘set and forget’ yet still ensure production environment and DR site data is always protected and highly available.”

Note two items in its boast: RecoverGuard and DR Specialists. That’s right, Continuity Software is combining its existing products with its technical know-how to turn disaster recovery into a managed service! The company will offer its RecoverGuard software to detect configuration gaps and vulnerabilities in a business’s DR plan and then mitigate the risks on a continual basis with its experts working in tandem with in-house or VAR staffers.

If the word “disaster” makes your skin crawl, then I suggest you mosey on over to and take a look.

Frank J. Ohlhorst