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1Workers Struggle With E mail Overload

Close to two out of three U.S. workers check their e-mail outside of regular business hours.

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About 65 percent of men say they check e-mail during their off-hours, compared to 51 percent of women.

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Among those who do peek at their inboxes during non-business hours, 42 percent of those say they check e-mails when they’re at home sick.

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Approximately 27 percent of those who do look at e-mail during down time say they do it because they feel they’re expected to respond quickly even outside regular business hours.

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About 37 percent say they do it because they might miss something important.

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Around 43 percent say they also check e-mail outside work hours in order to ease their workload.

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And about 18 percent say they think the habit is a necessity for advancing their careers.

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Among those who do check e-mail during off hours, close to one in five say they do it while in bed.

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Exactly half of them say they do it while on vacation.