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1iPhone or Free Coffee The Workers Have Spoken

58 percent of workers said they’d give up free coffee in lieu of being able to use their own device in the workplace.

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39 percent said they’d forgo free food if they could bring their devices to work.

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26 percent said they’d give up paid parking for better device choice.

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And 20 percent of workers even said they’d give up a vacation day.

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56 percent of survey participants said that work-related mobile apps on the job make them more productive.

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Almost half of workers state that they would use an employer-provided online marketplace for downloading company-approved mobile applications.

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Only 19 percent of participants strongly agree that their employers make it as easy for them to do their jobs from a mobile device as they can from a work computer.

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And just 29 percent claim their company’s IT departments are generally good at managing mobile devices.

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Barely more than a quarter of workers thought highly about their IT department’s ability to set up or troubleshoot mobile applications or programs.