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1Technology Outsourcing Obstacles The Top Five

U.S. in-house IT infrastructure is expected to drop from 82 percent today to 49 percent in 2020, according to the report.

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The number of companies globally that outsource their IT infrastructure will increase globally from 17 percent today to 64 percent in 2020, says the report.

3Outsourcing Obstacle # 1: Company Culture

43 percent of those surveyed reported that company culture is a barrier to shifting to outsourced services.

4Outsourcing Obstacle # 2: Sunk Cost

37 percent of respondents said they’re not outsourcing because they haven’t yet written off their IT assets or investments.

5Outsourcing Obstacle # 3: Contractual Obligations

34 percent reported that current contractual obligations are keeping them from outsourcing.

6Outsourcing Obstacle # 4: Control Issues

30 percent of organizations say they keep things in-sourced to maintain control over their IT operations.

7Outsourcing Obstacle # 5: Traumatic Experiences

26 percent of respondents said they’re hesitant to outsource after having bad experiences with a previous provider.