How Government IT Spending Is Evolving

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    Michael Vizard

How Government IT Spending Is Evolving

How Government IT Spending Is Evolving

Worldwide IT Spending by Government Organizations
Federal spending on IT is projected to total $449.5 billion in 2013.
Previous forecast was for 0.2% growth over last year.
But downgraded to a dip of 0.1% from 2012.

The government has traditionally been a reliable source of steady revenue streams for the channel, and a Gartner report suggests that will continue through 2013, even as spending remains relatively flat and industry execs keep an eye on future federal tax and spending cuts. Thanks to executive orders from the president, there is a major jump in plans to deploy public and private instances of cloud computing in North America. But, worldwide, mobile computing garners much more attention. And despite the rise of cloud computing, the global survey of 1,523 government IT professionals shows that on-premise deployments still dominate government IT spending. The survey, as expected, finds that records management tops the list of planned expenditures, followed by project management and case management software. Despite security issues relating to access of government documents, the survey also makes it clear the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon has firmly taken root in the government sector. While that may not be of an immediate benefit to the channel, it does suggest there are significant opportunities relating to faster wireless networks, better security and more sophisticated IT management tools. Overall, given the rise of cloud computing, it would appear governments worldwide are not so much reducing IT spending as they are applying the saving generated by spending less on IT infrastructure to fund additional application software projects.

This article was originally published on 2013-07-02