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Cloud management

1 - Private Cloud Adoption RisesPrivate Cloud Adoption Rises

69% are using the cloud, of which 43% report they are using an open-source cloud.

2 - Open-Source Cloud UseOpen-Source Cloud Use

OpenStack has a 69% adoption rate. Almost half (48%) of those not currently using open-source cloud software plan to do so in the future.

3 - Reasons for Adopting Open-Source Private CloudReasons for Adopting Open-Source Private Cloud

The key reasons for open-source cloud adoption include flexibility (70.5%), no vendor lock-in (66.1%), savings (66.1%), and open standards and APIs (59.8%).

4 - Top Open-Source Cloud BenefitsTop Open-Source Cloud Benefits

The top three benefits of open-source cloud are lower cost of ownership (75%), agility (74%) and faster time-to-value for applications (54%).

5 - Top Reasons for Not Selecting an Open-Source CloudTop Reasons for Not Selecting an Open-Source Cloud

Security (42%), lack of in-house specialized skills (39%), lack of support (36%), and maturity (28%) are major concerns for the 57% of respondents who prefer proprietary cloud software.

6 - Satisfaction With Open-Source CloudsSatisfaction With Open-Source Clouds

77% said they are satisfied with the cloud while only 5% expressed dissatisfaction. That leaves another 18% who are unsure at this point.

7 - Private Cloud Infrastructure PreferencePrivate Cloud Infrastructure Preference

A little over a third (36.4%) will go with a best-of-breed approach while 32.7% said they will rely on converged systems involving multiple vendors. Only 13.6% will go with a single vendor platform, and 17.3% said they will use what they have available in-house.

8 - Cloud Deployment ModelCloud Deployment Model

45% said they will rely on a hybrid model while 44% said they will have a private cloud only model. Only 11% said they would have public cloud only.

9 - Cloud Monitoring ToolsCloud Monitoring Tools

79% report they are using multiple types of tools. Another 8% purchased a unified monitoring tool, while 13% chose to write their own.

10 - Hypervisors in UseHypervisors in Use

VMware continues to dominate, with 76% saying they use hypervisors. But Microsoft is already up to a 29% share. KVM is used by 24% and Citrix XenServer by 21%.