Nine Key Facts About Docker Container Adoption

Nine Key Facts About Docker Container Adoption

Familiarity With Docker ContainersFamiliarity With Docker Containers

Half of respondents are evaluating Docker containers, and one-fifth are using them. Meanwhile, 31% report they have already deployed them in production environments.

Likelihood of Docker AdoptionLikelihood of Docker Adoption

Among those not using Docker today, 24% said it is highly likely they would use the container virtualization technology in the next six months while37% said they would be somewhat likely to do so.

Use Cases for Docker ContainersUse Cases for Docker Containers

Test and quality assurance applications topped the list at (48%), followed closely by Web apps (46%) and then big data and enterprise apps (43%).

Three Top Motivations for Using DockerThree Top Motivations for Using Docker

The desire to build hybrid cloud (45%) narrowly topped VMware costs (44%) and pressure from the testing group (41%) as primary reasons for adopting Docker.

Biggest Inhibitors to Adopting Docker ContainersBiggest Inhibitors to Adopting Docker Containers

Security and lack of operational tools in production environments tied, at 49% each. Lack of development tools came in third, at 37%.

Docker Container Management StrategyDocker Container Management Strategy

45% said they would prefer to use existing VMware tools, while 24% said they would prefer a new management tool. Another 23% said they would be open to both.

Current IT Infrastructure EnvironmentCurrent IT Infrastructure Environment

65% said they currently use VMware. Meanwhile, 39% said they use public cloud services, and 34% said they had a private cloud.

Current OS EnvironmentCurrent OS Environment

Linux was selected 32% of the time and Windows 23% of the time. Windows is the OS of choice in VMware environments, “so perhaps Linux is gaining in use when it comes to public and private cloud use, where more cloud technologies are making use of and embracing open-source technologies,” the report said.

Docker Decision MakerDocker Decision Maker

47% report middle management is making the decision to use Docker. This is different from the cloud, which has been “pushed in large part by executive CIO initiatives or financial management,” the study said.

Michael Vizard
Michael Vizard
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