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1Mobile Application Development to Overtake All Other IT Projects by 2015

55 percent of IT professionals believe that mobile software application development for devices such as iPhones, Android devices and tablets will surpass development for all other traditional platforms by 2015.

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91 percent of IT pros believe that cloud computing will overtake on-premise computing as the number one way organizations acquire IT over the next five years.

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40.5 percent of developers believe that mobile technologies will be some of the most in demand applications for 2011.

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33 percent of those surveyed named cloud computing applications as the hottest in 2011.

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After mobile and cloud computing, social media business analytics and industry-specific technologies are predicted by those surveyed to be the hottest IT career opportunities in 2011.

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90 percent of those surveyed think it is important to have industry-specific skills for their verticals.

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However, 63 percent say they lack the industry knowledge necessary to stay competitive within their respective niches.

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When asked if they could choose a new vertical in which to jump to next year, the highest percentage (30.4 percent) said they’d pick the telecom market.