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Cloud services

1 - IT Taps Outside Experts to Handle Cloud ComplexityIT Taps Outside Experts to Handle Cloud Complexity

Rather than eliminating the need for solution providers, the rise of the cloud is actually creating more demand for their services than ever.

2 - Top Cloud Business BenefitsTop Cloud Business Benefits

Surprisingly, the top business benefit cited by respondents was increased security (45%), followed by greater agility and cost savings (tied at 39%). Gaining a competitive edge came in at 38%.

3 - Biggest Strategic Cloud ChallengesBiggest Strategic Cloud Challenges

Integrating new cloud services (59%), integrating services from multiple vendors (58%), aligning cloud investments with business objectives (57%) and integration of cloud services with legacy apps (57%) were high on the list.

4 - Biggest Tactical Cloud ChallengesBiggest Tactical Cloud Challenges

A full 75% said implementing cloud services creates new process challenges, while 74% said they need more external help. More time than anticipated (73%) is required to manage cloud service implementations.

5 - Appreciating the Complexity of the CloudAppreciating the Complexity of the Cloud

Almost three-quarters (72%) said cloud computing increased the complexity of their IT environments. The leading cause of that complexity is operating cloud applications (36%).

6 - Number of Cloud Services Being UsedNumber of Cloud Services Being Used

More than 88% of survey respondents said that they managed more than one cloud vendor, with nearly 18% saying they manage five. A third (33%) said they plan to use fewer clouds going forward to minimize complexity.

7 - The Cloud Involves a Lot of Trial and ErrorThe Cloud Involves a Lot of Trial and Error

Two-thirds (66%) of organizations moved one-third or more of their systems or applications back to a physical infrastructure.

8 - Reliance on Cloud ExpertiseReliance on Cloud Expertise

A full 98% said expert help proved critical to cloud integration efforts. In fact, 74% report bringing in additional external support to implement cloud solutions.

9 - Future Cloud PlansFuture Cloud Plans

Nearly half (48%) plan to increase the use of hybrid cloud services. Boosting integration of cloud services and adding new ones are tied at 43%.