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Cloud services

1 - Top Enterprise Cloud Services Being UsedTop Enterprise Cloud Services Being Used

A full 68.8 percent of all cloud data is in an enterprise-class cloud. The top five enterprise cloud services are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office365, Salesforce, Cisco WebEx, and Concur.

2 - The Concentrated CloudThe Concentrated Cloud

The big get bigger in the cloud. A full 80% of data uploaded to the cloud goes to less than 1% of all services. In fact, that data is uploaded to just 11 consumer and enterprise-grade cloud services.

3 - Number of Cloud Services Used IncreasesNumber of Cloud Services Used Increases

Overall, there has been a 52% increase in the last 12 months. The average number of cloud services being used increased from 738 to 831.

4 - File and Collaboration ServicesFile and Collaboration Services

There isn’t much in the way of a de facto standard. On average, companies are using 35 different file-sharing services and 125 different collaboration services.

5 - Cloud Security Still Needs WorkCloud Security Still Needs Work

Cloud security is still probably better than on-premise security. But Skyhigh found only 9.5% of all services met the most stringent security requirements last quarter. There are now 429 of these services available, versus just 343 last quarter.

6 - Limited Cloud Security OptionsLimited Cloud Security Options

Encryption is not nearly as widely deployed as it should be. Only 2.9% of services enforce strong password policies, and only 1% encrypt data with tenant-owned encryption keys. A full 78.1% of services encrypt data in transit, while 10.1% encrypt data at rest.

7 - Cloud Certifications ImproveCloud Certifications Improve

Customers are starting to value cloud certifications. One fifth (21.2%) of services now have one or more certifications—such as SAS 70, SSAE16 or ISAE 3402—and 39.5% have third-party penetration testing of their services.

8 - The Cloud Enforcement GapThe Cloud Enforcement Gap

IT organizations think they are blocking cloud services when they are not. At 59%, the enforcement gap is highest for Dropbox, followed by Instagram (44%), Tumblr (42%) and Apple iCloud (41%).