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Cloud computing

1 - Public Clouds in UsePublic Clouds in Use

Amazon and Google currently dominate the public cloud landscape. Amazon Web Services leads at 24%, followed by Google Compute Engine, at 16%.

2 - Private Cloud Platforms in UsePrivate Cloud Platforms in Use

VMware leads, but OpenStack appears to be gaining ground rapidly. At 15%, VMware vCloud Director leads the market, but OpenStack has already climbed to 11%.

3 - Cloud Use CasesCloud Use Cases

As cloud computing matures, the use cases continue to increase. In both public and private cloud scenarios, the top use cases were Web services, databases and storage and backup.

4 - Top-Three Private Cloud AttributesTop-Three Private Cloud Attributes

Private cloud adoption is still driven by traditional IT issues. Cost savings (44%) and operational efficiencies (38%) are the top two attributes sought when moving to the cloud. Integration with existing systems came in a close third, at 37%.

5 - Top SQL Databases in UseTop SQL Databases in Use

Microsoft and Oracle are battling it out for supremacy. Microsoft SQL Server tops the list, at 57%, followed by the MySQL database owned by Oracle, at 40%, and then Oracle RDBMS, at 38%.

6 - Top NoSQL Database in UseTop NoSQL Database in Use

NoSQL databases still have a relatively small share of the market. MongoDB comes in first, at 10%, followed by Hadoop, at 8%.

7 - Database-as-a-Service UseDatabase-as-a-Service Use

DBaaS is still in search of broader market adoption. While overall use is still relatively small, Amazon RDS leads with 12%, followed by Google Cloud SQL, at 6%.

8 - Database-as-a-Service Deployment PlansDatabase-as-a-Service Deployment Plans

Adoption rates for DBaaS appear to be slow but steady. Only 21% will be implementing DBaaS over the next two years on top of the 10% that already have.

9 - Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) on a Private CloudDatabase-as-a-Service (DBaaS) on a Private Cloud

Databases may be too strategic to put in a public cloud service. A full 52% said they would implement DBaaS on a private cloud.