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The Gender Gap in IT: Girls and Technology

The Gender Gap in IT: Girls and TechnologyThe Gender Gap in IT: Girls and Technology

At a time when gender and age diversity, as well as ensuring an adequate supply of skilled IT pros for the future, are crucial issues, CompTIA examines factors that discourage girls from entering the tech industry.

Parents RoleParents Role

33% of girls and 38% of boys agree that parents/guardians are the primary source for finding out what IT stands for.

Lagging Parental SupportLagging Parental Support

Only 67% of girls get help from parents/guardians to learn about smartphones vs. 79% for boys. For tablets, parent/guardian intervention is 59% for girls and 71% for boys.

Intro to TechIntro to Tech

Parents play a key role in technology introduction, but boys (11%) are more likely to use mobile devices at an earlier age, at 5 years old or younger, than girls (5%).

Waning InterestWaning Interest

23% of girls have considered an IT career, compared to 47% of boys. But age makes a difference. While 27% of girls in middle school have considered a career in technology, that drops to 18% by high school.

Tech Classes Aren't EnoughTech Classes Aren’t Enough

Girls who have taken a tech class are only slightly more likely to consider an IT career (32%). Less than half are confident their skills are right for the job.

Learning GapLearning Gap

29% of girls rank technology as one of their favorite subjects in school, compared to 55% of boys.

Lack of AwarenessLack of Awareness

69% of girls who have not considered an IT career attribute it to not knowing enough about IT jobs.

Info NeededInfo Needed

53% of girls said additional information about career options would encourage them to consider a job in IT.

Wanted: More MentorsWanted: More Mentors

37% of girls know someone with an IT job. The percentage rises to 60% among girls who have considered an IT career.

IT Job GapsIT Job Gaps

Only 7% of girls vs. 25% of boys show interest in becoming a programmer, and 8% of girls vs. 23% of boys have interest in a computer specialist role. The gap widens for software developer jobs: 5% of girls vs. 23% of boys.

Dream JobDream Job

59% of girls want a job where they can earn a lot of money and help other people (55%).

Knowledge GapKnowledge Gap

69% of girls and 72% of boys attribute their lack of interest in pursuing an IT career to being unsure of what IT jobs entail; 45% of girls said they don’t know if they have the skills to succeed in these occupations.