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Tech jobs

1 - High MarksHigh Marks

The overall confidence rating in the tech sector among execs is 71.9 out of 100, up from 66 in 2013. Meanwhile, they gave their own companies a 72.2 rating, up from just under 68.8 last year.

2 - Booming BusinessBooming Business

62% are planning to increase investment in new products and business lines, up from 59% in 2013.

3 - IT ExpansionIT Expansion

58% expect to increase staffing levels in tech positions, and 52% anticipate increasing spending for tech itself. Both percentages are close to last year’s levels.

4 - Personnel ProblemPersonnel Problem

Nearly three-quarters of tech and business execs in the IT industry said they’re dealing with a “moderate” or “significant” shortage in tech talent quality—up from 69% in 2013.

5 - Staffing SituationStaffing Situation

47% are concerned that a talent shortage, labor prices and employee churn could slow business activity, up from 34% last year.

6 - Slashing Price TagsSlashing Price Tags

38% are concerned that lower margins and downward pressure on pricing could slow business activity, which is about the same as last year.

7 - Growth DriversGrowth Drivers

57% said the local quality of life contributes most to a healthy tech sector in a particular region, and 44% said it’s the region’s state of entrepreneurship/innovation ecosystem. One-third said it’s the availability of a skilled workforce.

8 - Public Policy Wish List: Educated OpinionPublic Policy Wish List: Educated Opinion

43% said science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education needs to be improved for 2015 at the K-12 level, and 44% said the same needs to happen at the higher education level.

9 - Public Policy Wish List: Well-FundedPublic Policy Wish List: Well-Funded

36% would like the government to make it easier for tech companies to access capital.

10 - Public Policy Wish List: IRS IssuePublic Policy Wish List: IRS Issue

28% said the tax code is too complex—requiring too much time of businesses in managing their taxes.