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App dev

1 - Focus PointsFocus Points

77% of software industry leaders and software development professionals ranked software product/app development as a top priority, and 64% said new tech product/innovation creation or integration is a top priority.

2 - Augmentation AreasAugmentation Areas

38% felt their user interface design is in great need of improvement, while 34% said the same about their quality assurance/quality control.

3 - Strength in NumbersStrength in Numbers

58% said they expect to add permanent staff to their organizations in 2015.

4 - Capable CrewCapable Crew

68% said their development team’s skills are sufficient enough to handle “tasks at hand.”

5 - Work in ProgressWork in Progress

62% described their software development process maturity as that which often delivers predictable outcomes, but still requires some management, transparency and efficiency improvements.

6 - Indispensable Tool, Part IIndispensable Tool, Part I

47% said business analysis is needed for “defining and closing” business needs, and 44% said it results in less rework.

7 - Indispensable Tool, Part IIIndispensable Tool, Part II

42% said business analysis results in faster time to market with implementation of new solutions, while 38% said it helps their organizations understand processes and achieve goals.

8 - 'All In' on Agile‘All In’ on Agile

87% said they either have a “mature” Agile adoption process, or are developing and implementing Agile practices.

9 - Inside/Outside JobInside/Outside Job

About two-thirds said they outsource less than 10% of their software development, but 55% said they expect to outsource some IT functions in 2015.

10 - Moving ForwardMoving Forward

47% are developing and implementing mobile apps, while 21% are already maintaining and supporting mobile apps.

11 - Protective MeasuresProtective Measures

36% use a third-party security services provider to conduct code review and app audits, and 25% have internal employees who execute penetration testing audits. One-quarter perform security tests during the quality assurance phase.