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Retaining Employees as IT Hiring Landscape Shifts

Retaining Employees as IT Hiring Landscape ShiftsRetaining Employees as IT Hiring Landscape Shifts

As tech pros’ priorities change, companies need to change recruiting strategies to retain top talent. We look at what’s new on the hiring front.

Skills ShortageSkills Shortage

53% of technology hiring managers globally reported skills shortages in 2015, up from 51% the previous year. U.S. tech managers fare a bit better at 51%.

Shortages Will WorsenShortages Will Worsen

44% of hiring managers think a skills shortage will get worse in future, and only 12% believe it will get better.

Headcount RisesHeadcount Rises

52% of hiring managers said they will increase headcount this year, while 23% expect headcount to remain the same, and 18% expect headcount to drop.

Full-Time EmploymentFull-Time Employment

71% of tech pros are employed on a full-time or permanent basis, up from 65% last year.

Who's Job HuntingWho’s Job Hunting

53% of tech pros would accept a call from a headhunter, and 28% are actively seeking and applying for jobs.

Top Skills in DemandTop Skills in Demand

37% of tech pros received 10 or more inquiries from head hunters in the past year. Top skills recruited: developers (62%), software engineers (55%), design user experience/user interface (48%), architecture (43%) and database engineer (40%).

Looking ElsewhereLooking Elsewhere

73% of tech pros are looking outside their current employer for their next role, and 26% are currently investing their skills in a startup.

Moving OnMoving On

39% of technologists changed jobs over the past 12 months, the same as last year.


77% said a good salary is their main motivator for changing jobs (up from 61% last year), followed by work-life balance, at 72% (up from 70% last year), and the opportunity to work on innovative projects, at 69% (unchanged from last year).

Efficiency MattersEfficiency Matters

53% said keeping their organizations running efficiently was most valued by their companies in the past year, followed by creating new ways of generating revenue and profit (29%), and creating new ways of generating costs savings (18%).

Gender GapGender Gap

Nearly six in 10 respondents work in environments where women make up less than 20 percent of the workforce, and more than one in 10 work at an organization where no women are employed.


One in five technologists based in the U.S. were born overseas, and three in 10 work outside the country where they were born.