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Trying to find your renewed niche in this rough-and-tumble economic environment? Well, new research gives a glimpse that if you need to find a job, small private companies may be your best bet since they are hiring more rapidly. But, if you’re looking for new business, big budgets and new projects, focusing on larger private companies could be your saving grace as, on a whole, they are planning to allocate more cash to capital investments and new projects.

When it comes to smaller versus larger companies in today’s economic environment, there’s more of a difference than revenue numbers. New research from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the form of its new Private Company Trendsetter Barometer, shows that projected revenue growth for small companies over the next twelve months is almost 10 percent higher than for larger companies –defined as being on average 24 times larger than what PwC terms “small companies.”