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Look at any contemporary advice on careers and you’ll find that you should
have a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook account and a Twitter account, and you
should SEO-optimize your resume and any other profile information you have so
that potential employers can find you. Online technology jobs marketplace Dice just made that a little easier for job

Dice July 27 introduced the Dice Talent Network. The new offering is an
extension of the existing environment that allows candidates to
connect their social network presence—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and personal
blogs—to their Dice profiles. It enables candidates to follow and connect with
target companies to help them improve their status with those companies.

"We are taking the best of both worlds," Tom Silver, senior vice
president for North America at Dice, tells Channel

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Silver says100 companies have been participating in a pilot of the program
since January. In addition, at least 20,000 candidates have built out larger
profiles to go with their Dice profiles.

For candidates who don’t want to alert a current employer of their search
for a new job, they can choose to follow a company anonymously, according to

"Some tech pros are concerned they will be caught," he says.
"The Dice Talent Network allows those candidates to just release
information to specific companies and only when that candidate grants approval."

The service is free to candidates.

It also features real-time chat or instant
messaging and enables employers to release networkwide announcements about new
positions or opportunities within their organizations.

"It’s a great way for candidates to improve their specific individual
brand that an employer can see," Silver says. "Companies can see
candidates’ Dice resumes. Now they can see all their social networking
information in one place, too."