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Improving Reseller Education Can Lead to Higher Revenue

Get Them While They're HotGet Them While They’re Hot

When you sign up new resellers, their enthusiasm is high. Ensure they have access to the training material they need on the first day.

Help Them Become ExpertsHelp Them Become Experts

If you can get your salespeople to use the product, they’ll speak much more authoritatively about it.

Keep It BriefKeep It Brief

Salespeople are often on the road and between meetings. Produce courses that are 20 minutes or less and updated often to keep up with product changes.

Use VideoUse Video

Create videos of how the product is installed and used to reinforce knowledge with the customer. This tactic is especially importantly if your product can’t be easily distributed or used in a demo—for example, an implanted medical device.

Qualify the CustomerQualify the Customer

Teach your salespeople the key questions to ask early in the sales process to ensure the product is a good fit for the customer.

Understand the CustomerUnderstand the Customer

Help employees learn how to tailor the benefits of a product to the customer’s industry and needs. Speak in the customer’s language.

Tough QuestionsTough Questions

Tell resellers about common objections prospects may have about your product and compelling ways to overcome them. Encourage honesty about known issues or weaknesses.

Proof PointsProof Points

Share customer success stories, ROI numbers, metrics, testimonials and more to excite the salespeople and provide data they can share with skeptical prospects.

Know the CompetitionKnow the Competition

Arm salespeople with information about the competition and how your product is different and better. Encourage role play for critical questions.

Make It PainlessMake It Painless

Salespeople are highly mobile. Make the training clear, simple and accessible wherever they are on any device, and they’ll use it over and over again.