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IT hiring

1 - Dice Findings: Minor DowntickDice Findings: Minor Downtick

70% of employers plan to hire more tech professionals in the next six months, down just slightly from 73% at the end of last year.

2 - Dice Findings: Stable StaffingDice Findings: Stable Staffing

One-third said IT workers are leaving their current positions this year, down from 42% that said they experienced turnover late in 2013.

3 - Dice Findings: Bargaining RoomDice Findings: Bargaining Room

32% indicated that more tech candidates are rejecting offers compared with six months ago.

4 - Dice Findings: Money MattersDice Findings: Money Matters

61% said candidates are asking for more salary, compared with six months ago.

5 - Dice Findings: Vacancy SignDice Findings: Vacancy Sign

59% revealed that some positions are going unfilled based on salary guidelines for the job.

6 - TEKsystems Findings: Belt TighteningTEKsystems Findings: Belt Tightening

47% of IT leaders expect their 2014 budgets to increase, down from 62% at the end of last year.

7 - TEKsystems Findings: Scaled-Down StaffingTEKsystems Findings: Scaled-Down Staffing

31% said there will be increases in full-time IT hiring for the rest of 2014, compared with 47% who indicated this six months ago.

8 - TEKsystems Findings: Hired GunsTEKsystems Findings: Hired Guns

37% expect to increase their temporary hiring for the rest of the year, as opposed to 46% who anticipated this at the end of 2013.

9 - TEKsystems Findings: Tough FitsTEKsystems Findings: Tough Fits

IT leaders said that it’s most difficult to find exceptional talent to fill the roles of architects, programmers, app developers, software engineers, security staff, project managers and business analysts.

10 - TEKsystems Findings: Up to the TaskTEKsystems Findings: Up to the Task

73% are confident in the tech department’s ability to satisfy business demands, up from 66% expressing this confidence six months ago.

11 - TEKsystems Findings: Difference MakersTEKsystems Findings: Difference Makers

Despite their cautious optimism, tech leaders said mobility will have the biggest impact on their organizations in 2014, followed, in order, by security, business intelligence/big data, cloud computing and enterprise resource planning.