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IT Jobs Market Strong, Security Pros in Demand

2 days ago | by Maggie O'Neill

IT leaders expect increases in full-time and contingency hiring in the second quarter of 2015, according to the quarterly "Reality Check" survey, conducted by IT staffing services specialist... Read More »



  • Millennials and Older Workers More Alike Than You Think
    To hear some management consultants tell it, the millennial generation (aged 21 to 34) thinks completely differently from their predecessors. However, a study conducted by IBM of 1,784 employees from organizations across 12 countries and in six...
  • Why All IT Certifications Aren't Created Equal
    NEWS ANALYSIS: The challenge is sorting out certifications that are part of the cost of doing business from those that provide specialization that might yield significant ROI.
  • IT Services, Other Tech Sectors See Jobs Growth
    Employment in the U.S. tech industry increased last year, according to a recent report released by CompTIA. The report, titled "Cyberstates 2015," indicates that the growth is supported by a number of sectors, including IT services,...
  • CFOs Anticipate Robust Revenues for 2015
    Doesn't it seem that—when the CFO is happy—everybody is happy? If this is true at your company, then get ready for a great year: Tech industry CFOs are anticipating double-digit increases in revenues this year, sharply higher than the...
  • 10 Hot IT Certifications for 2015
    Security-related skills and certifications continue to gain in value this year, driven by many of the largest data breaches in the past year. And it's showing up in the numbers: Five out of the top 10 certifications provided by analyst firm Foote...
  • IT Pros Voice Optimism Amid Industry Transitions
    Tech professionals are as confident in their businesses’ financial health and the general state of the economy as they’ve been in two years, according to a new report from CompTIA. With the $3.7 trillion global IT market poised to make...
  • Programmer and Developer Jobs Still Tough to Fill
    IT leaders' certainty in the ability of their departments to meet business needs in 2015 continues to rise, even while their expectations for budget increases are diminishing. As a result, these executives expect salary increases for the...
  • Access to IT Talent Defines Channel Prospects for 2015
    NEWS ANALYSIS: The primary goal for solution providers should be to build their skill sets to position themselves to take advantage of opportunities ahead.
  • CompTIA Expands Its CertMaster Portfolio
    NEWS BRIEFS: In addition to CompTIA's news, this week's coverage includes ANPI's expanded partner program, Digital River's new partnerships, and more.
  • Tech Talent Shortages Loom Large for IT Industry
    Although tech and business executives express increasing confidence in the IT sector and their own companies, many see challenges ahead due to the continuing shortage in tech talent, a new survey from the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA)...

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