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Programmer and Developer Jobs Still Tough to Fill

3 weeks ago | by Maggie O'Neill

IT leaders' certainty in the ability of their departments to meet business needs in 2015 continues to rise, even while their expectations for budget increases are diminishing. As a result, these... Read More »



  • Software Industry Seeks More Innovation, Analytics
    Software vendors and development professionals are firmly committed to greater tech innovation as they seek to create better products and apps, according to a recent survey from app dev and consulting company SoftServe. The accompanying 2014...
  • IT Execs Confident in Industry's Future, Yet They Worry
    IT executives are expressing increased confidence in the future of their industry. In fact, they perceive the tech industry--and their own companies—as being in notably better shape than the U.S. economy overall, according to new research from...
  • IT Services Sector Continues to Add Jobs
    The good news is the U.S. technology industry added nearly 119,000 jobs in the first half of 2014, increasing the employment rate by 1.9 percent, slightly higher than the 1.8 percent growth during the same period last year, according to new research...
  • 'Generation Gap 2.0' Heats Up at Work
    With individuals' perceived sophistication about tech use often serving as a divider, a potentially destructive generation gap is building in the workplace, according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Ricoh Americas. Younger...
  • Small-Business Execs Are 'Content but Cautious'
    "Content but cautious" sums up the sentiment expressed in the "Small Business Forecast 2014," released by Bank of America and the CFI Group. Small-business owners and managers report both job satisfaction and business risk, according to the study,...
  • Big Data Plus IoT: Opportunities Too Big to Ignore
    Companies are invested heavily in big data but often need help from outside organizations, according to a new study conducted by Accenture and GE. The study, based on a survey of 250 business and IT executives at organizations with revenue of more...
  • IT Outsourcing Landscape Continues to Shift
    Many IT functions, from help desk to data center operations, have a long history of outsourcing, but a recent survey from Computer Economics suggests that, before taking that plunge, organizations should take a good look at the specific needs of...
  • Channel News Briefs: Week of Sept. 14
    This week's briefs include CompTIA's new online course, Avnet's new Linux courses, and more channel news.
  • Tech Job Growth by State: The Numbers May Surprise You
    You may be astonished to find out which U.S. states are enjoying the biggest growth in technology jobs in the first half of this year. Hint: Although California still has the largest tech workforce and continues to be a hotbed for IT entrepreneurs...
  • Cisco Overhauls Its Certification, Training Programs
    New and enhanced courses combine traditional topics—such as wireless, routing, switching, video, security and data center—with IoT, SDN and business transformation.

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