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Many of us have come to take the weather for granted, needing only to
know if gloves or an umbrella are needed before venturing outdoors, but
a multitude of businesses depend on accurate weather forecasting to
plan the day and even the week ahead.

Take for example a firm that delivers heating oil. Automatic deliveries
are based upon a degree day calculation, which correlates to average
daily temperatures. Those firms rely on accurate weather information to
make sure their customers’ oil tanks don’t run dry. Landscaping and
construction firms need the same kind of information too, because
weather directly affects job scheduling. With that in mind, Lacrosse
Technology has launched Weather Direct — an Internet-connected device
that uses satellite-assisted forecasting to delivery highly accurate
local weather forecasts, automatically.

There are several different Weather Direct Models and add on
accessories. For most users the WD-3209U four day wireless forecast
station which retails for $149.00, is a good starting point. The
WD-3209U comes as a bundle, which includes a wireless transmitter,
remote temperature sensors and the wireless LCD forecast station. The
wireless components are operative over a 915Mhz radio frequency,
preventing interference with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless
technologies. Additional sensors and displays can be added as needed to
the system.

Solution providers shouldn’t expect to get rich selling Weather Direct
components and systems, the items are all relatively low cost and easy
to setup. The idea for solution providers here is to offer Weather
Direct products as peripherals and then extend the integration to
include automated weather alerts (via text messaging or email),
automated voice alerts, severe weather warnings and so on. In other
words, a Weather Direct system can be a nifty add-on to a networking