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Application development

1 - War for IT Talent Heats Up in the App EconomyWar for IT Talent Heats Up in the App Economy

Half of IT organizations are looking to acquire new IT skills and bring them in-house, most notably IT professionals with custom application development skills, a new study finds.

2 - The Business Value of SoftwareThe Business Value of Software

43% currently believe that becoming a software-driven enterprise is a critical driver of competitive advantage today, but that is expected to rise to 78% in three years.

3 - Impact of Software-Driven EnterpriseImpact of Software-Driven Enterprise

47% said that becoming a more software-driven company has had an impact on their market share, while 45% said it has improved their time to decision.

4 - Use of Software TodayUse of Software Today

More than one-third of respondents (37%) said that less than 10 percent of revenue is driven by customer interactions via apps or other software interfaces, but just 11% said that will be true in three years.

5 - Area of Software InvestmentsArea of Software Investments

51% of organizations have increased investments in new forms of software, such as mobile apps and API-enabled software.

6 - Drivers of Software InvestmentsDrivers of Software Investments

Increased business agility (31%) tops the list, followed by better customer service (29%) and better customer experience (28%).

7 - Increased Reliance on Custom SoftwareIncreased Reliance on Custom Software

49% are bringing more software development back in-house and 47% have or are planning to use M&A to increase app development capabilities.

8 - Software Development MaturitySoftware Development Maturity

A full 69% admitted that, in terms of being able to build software, they are still in the development stage or piloting programs.

9 - Biggest Technology ImpactBiggest Technology Impact

Cloud computing tops the list, at 40%, followed by analytics (38%) and Internet of things (37%).

10 - Top Technology Areas of FocusTop Technology Areas of Focus

IT security tops the list at 46%, followed by API development and use and collaboration/networking, at 41% each.

11 - Increased Reliance on AnalyticsIncreased Reliance on Analytics

48% are incorporating analytics into customer-facing strategies, but respondents also concede that data science skills are hardest to find.

12 - Issues Having Biggest Impact on BusinessIssues Having Biggest Impact on Business

Skills shortage was cited by 37% followed closely by increased regulation and geopolitical issues, each at 36%.

13 - Strategy for Acquiring IT SkillsStrategy for Acquiring IT Skills

More than half (52%) said they have filled new skill sets within the company, and about half said they are bringing more IT and software development in-house.