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Energy efficiency

1 - Biggest IT Trend Affecting Business TodayBiggest IT Trend Affecting Business Today

More than half (56%) said the biggest trend is the convergence of information and operational technology. Infrastructure modernization came in second place, at 22%.

2 - Benefits of Information, Operational Technology ConvergenceBenefits of Information, Operational Technology Convergence

Efficiency tops the list, at 61%. Cost reductions came in second place, at 48%.

3 - Risks of Information, Operational Technology ConvergenceRisks of Information, Operational Technology Convergence

More complex management topped the list of risks, at 55%. Security came in second, at 54%.

4 - Importance of Infrastructure Upgrades/ModernizationImportance of Infrastructure Upgrades/Modernization

While 93% agreed somewhat or completely on the importance of infrastructure upgrades/modernization, 7% remain neutral.

5 - Enterprise Modernization Projects With Biggest ImpactsEnterprise Modernization Projects With Biggest Impacts

Telecommunications came in first at 62%. Data center projects came in a close second, at 59%.

6 - Importance of SustainabilityImportance of Sustainability

While 94% either agreed somewhat or completely that sustainability is important, only 1% disagreed.

7 - Path to Improved Profit MarginsPath to Improved Profit Margins

Creating new products and sustainability tied for first place, at 47%. Leadership and marketing efforts came in a close second and third.

8 - Path to Staying CompetitivePath to Staying Competitive

Hiring the best talent topped the list, at 56%. Leadership and sustainability came in second and third.

9 - Energy-Efficiency InvestmentsEnergy-Efficiency Investments

Three-fourths said they made energy-efficiency investments in the last 12 months; 16% said they haven’t done so.

10 - Energy Management Practices Adopted in Last 12 MonthsEnergy Management Practices Adopted in Last 12 Months

Energy audits led the way, at 60%; equipment assessments (53%) and tracking and analyzing data (49%) came in second and third, respectively.

11 - Projected Energy Investments in Next 12 MonthsProjected Energy Investments in Next 12 Months

While 56% said energy investments would be more than in the previous year, only 11% said it would be less.

12 - Drivers of Energy Management DecisionsDrivers of Energy Management Decisions

While 78% cited cost savings as drivers of energy management decisions, executive mandate and brand image were cited by 40% and 38%, respectively.

13 - Energy Efficiency Gaining Most Traction in Next Five YearsEnergy Efficiency Gaining Most Traction in Next Five Years

Data center efficiency came in first, at 55%. More efficient lighting came in a
close second, at 54%.

14 - Biggest Barrier to Energy EfficiencyBiggest Barrier to Energy Efficiency

While 35% cited funding as a barrier to energy efficiency, the lack of dedicated personnel and ROI were cited by 20%.

15 - Best Organizational Approaches to EfficiencyBest Organizational Approaches to Efficiency

Technological advancements and training led the way, at 71% each. Operational changes came in third, at 52%.