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Lost productivity

1 - Time Is of the IT Services EssenceTime Is of the IT Services Essence

Business users are more demanding than ever. Indeed, 76% of business end users said they are not willing to wait more than an hour to contact their IT departments, 42% said they would wait only a half hour or less, and 22% are unwilling to wait at all.

2 - IT Patience No Longer a VirtueIT Patience No Longer a Virtue

Increased IT complexity makes this a major challenge. A full 67% said they expect IT issues to be solved within an hour of reporting them while 35% expect a resolution in a half hour or less.

3 - More Riding on Applications Than EverMore Riding on Applications Than Ever

Approximately one in five said slow or unavailable applications result in financial loss of tens of thousands of dollars or more. A whopping 93% of end users said application performance and availability affect their ability to do their job, with 62% saying it is absolutely critical.

4 - IT Outages Remain a ProblemIT Outages Remain a Problem

Seven in 10 end users said they have experienced a job-critical app performance or availability issue. One-third of them said they contacted IT about an issue six times or more.

5 - Waiting for ITWaiting for IT

Patience is starting to run thin; 36% said they have waited a full business day or more for IT problems with business-critical apps to be resolved, and 22% waited several business days or more.

6 - IT Flying BlindIT Flying Blind

Many IT organizations just don’t have the right tools; 54% say that when they contact their IT departments, the IT department was, on average, already aware of the problem half the time or less.

7 - Typical Courses of ActionTypical Courses of Action

A lot of hidden costs in terms of lost productivity. A full 76% try to solve their problems on their own or with help from co-workers before contacting IT.

8 - Applications Most Often UsedApplications Most Often Used

The most widely used applications still run on client devices. Office and email applications are the most widely used, at 94%, followed by file-sharing and custom applications, at 50% and 38%, respectively.