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Windows Server 2003 migration

1 - Windows Server 2003 Migration MadnessWindows Server 2003 Migration Madness

A full 94% of those polled are aware that Microsoft is ending support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Of those, 63% have either already migrated or partly migrated, and another 28% are in the planning stages.

2 - Making the Windows Server 2003 DeadlineMaking the Windows Server 2003 Deadline

Just over three-quarters (76%) plan to upgrade before deadline. Only 3% plan to upgrade more than a year after the deadline. Another 12% will take less than a year after the deadline and 8% will not upgrade at all.

3 - Upgrade Plans Vary WidelyUpgrade Plans Vary Widely

Close to two-thirds (64%) plan to upgrade to Windows Server 2012, release 2, and 39% are aiming at Windows Server 2008 R 2. Another 14% are targeting Windows Server 2012, while 6% have selected Windows Server 2008. Another 9% are moving to Linux.

4 - Time Required to MigrateTime Required to Migrate

A little less than half (46%) needed a month or less, while 30% required two to three months, but 21% took more than four months.

5 - Scope of Migration EffortScope of Migration Effort

A full 73% are migrating all of their Windows Server 2003 servers while 22% are migrating some of their Windows Server 2003 servers.

6 - Where the Applications Are HeadedWhere the Applications Are Headed

A full 74% also report they are migrating applications to virtual servers while 30% are purchasing software with servers and 16% are purchasing stand-alone software. Only 12% are making the move to the cloud and half of those are only migrating their email using Microsoft Office 365.

7 - Virtualization TargetsVirtualization Targets

It’s a fairly even split between those moving to brand-new virtualized servers (56%) and existing ones (54%).

8 - Barriers to MigrationBarriers to Migration

Just over half (51%) see no immediate need while 48% cite lack of time followed by budget constraints, at 37%, and application compatibility issues, also at 37%.

9 - Top Windows Server 2003 ConcernsTop Windows Server 2003 Concerns

85% cite security, followed by software incompatibility (72%), compliance (66%), reliability (65%) and downtime (65%).

10 - Approach to MigrationApproach to Migration

77% plan to manage the process in-house while 18% plan to outsource partially to a third party. Only 3% plan to entirely outsource to a third party.