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Marketing and data

1 - Marketers Are Really Into Big Data AnalyticsMarketers Are Really Into Big Data Analytics

75% of marketers plan to implement a big data analytics project within two years.

2 - Marketers Don't Have Much Confidence in Their Own DataMarketers Don’t Have Much Confidence in Their Own Data

40% of marketers give their organizations a grade of C or lower on how well they use data.

3 - There's Not Much in the Way of Actual SystemsThere’s Not Much in the Way of Actual Systems

Only 10% of marketers say their organizations use data in a systematic way.

4 - There's Not Much Actual Process EitherThere’s Not Much Actual Process Either

42% say that lack of process is the No. 1 obstacle to using data to make better decisions.

5 - Outdated Technology Is an IssueOutdated Technology Is an Issue

39% say their technology is inadequate or outdated.

6 - Marketers Realize Data's Untapped PotentialMarketers Realize Data’s Untapped Potential

45% of marketers feel data is an underutilized asset.

7 - Marketers Have Trouble Calculating ROIMarketers Have Trouble Calculating ROI

75% of them report this is an issue and rank data integration as the No. 1 barrier to determining it.

8 - Top IT Investment Goal for MarketersTop IT Investment Goal for Marketers

40% want to be able to measure the success of multichannel marketing campaigns.

9 - Not Much Alignment With ITNot Much Alignment With IT

74% of marketers don’t view the IT organization as a strategic partner.

10 - Most Marketers Still Get Their Data From ITMost Marketers Still Get Their Data From IT

51% obtain their data from IT systems, 32% control their own data and 17% rely on external providers.