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Sirius, one of our picks for top channel partners, is a privately owned business solutions provider, working with more than 5,000 active clients within the U.S. alone. With a focus on high-quality technology solutions, including both products and services, Sirius is regarded as one of the top integrators that support businesses in streamlining their networks and IT transformation.

Sirius headquarters can be found in San Antonio, Texas, with a variety of sales locations around the United States. In total, the company boasts around 2,600 employees and over 1,500 technical resources. It provides solutions to businesses across all industries, making Sirius a reliable and reputable choice for businesses in any sector.

The company launched in 1980 under the name “Star Data Systems.” In its first ten years it saw revenues around $25 million, and in 1992 added a new business line, Sirius Computer Solutions. Since then, Sirius has won recognition as a top-level IBM business partner, working with the company to provide businesses with hardware, software, and cloud solutions, and revenue is now measured in billions.

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Current President Joe Merten heralds the Sirius team for their success with clients, stating “Clients choose Sirius frankly because of the people we have in the organization. What they want to do is work with people who really understand their enterprises, and how to bring technical solutions to solve their business problems.

This profile explores some of those solutions and looks at how Sirius has grown into a significant solutions integrator.

Sirius Specialties

Sirius aims to make businesses thrive by supporting them as they adjust to the increasingly technical and digital world of modern business operations, making them more innovative, agile, and flexible through the technology they use. Security is another big practice, covering both data protection and safeguarding the reputation of brands.

Sirius offers a plethora of business options and solutions under the following categories:

  • IT Strategy
  • Security
  • Data
  • Digital
  • Cloud and Managed Solutions

IT Strategy

IT strategy in a business is all about ensuring a seamless transition between implementation, configuration, and optimization. Sirius focuses on development that is agile enough for varying business needs, recognizing the demand for increased automation that maintains business standards while still delivering timely and cost-effective services. The IT Strategy team at Sirius is trained in delivering and implementing optimized services for different businesses.

This category further separates into IT Infrastructure and IT Operations so clients can focus on what they need and what that infrastructure will deliver and support.


This service is all about protecting a business’s brand, reputation, and information. Sirius works with the business client to advance and optimize their existing security program, introducing high-end technical adjustments to better protect information where necessary. This can be delivered through either a consultation-style service or an implementation-style service, providing the insight required to make effective strategic decisions.


Sirius’ digital solutions package is all about innovation and helping businesses to drive customer engagement and transformation with an enhanced strategy and better digital operations. The Digital innovation services are integrated with Sirius’ Data innovation services, using a cross-disciplinary approach that brings together multiple experts from different teams to leverage a variety of solutions for different touchpoints of the business.


Data doesn’t just need to be protected—it needs to be understood and handled in a way that benefits business operations and growth. That’s why Sirius’ digital innovation approach encompasses the use of Data for insights, both through consultation services and more hands-on support. This in turn helps to inform the strategy for digital implementation and innovation.

At this stage, clients should also note Sirius’ top-level rating when it comes to anticipating business trends and driving forward unanticipated innovation. A great example of this is Sirius’ work with healthcare systems in creating a pop-up Covid-19 testing centrer.

Cloud and Managed Solutions

This area of focus is all about business agility, flexibility and growth—with Sirius supporting businesses with implementing and devising a high-level and efficient strategy for their cloud integration and ongoing management. This includes an effective adoption strategy, application and service delivery, migration of running and new applications, and managing workloads.

Sirius partners with five major cloud providers to support its solutions:

  • AWS Partner Network
  • Google Cloud Partner
  • IBM
  • Microsoft Partner
  • VMware Partner Connect

Target Markets

Sirius offers end-to-end solutions across the United States and Canada and is currently serving over 5,000 clients. Despite geographical borders, there are no limits on the industries and sectors that Sirius operates in, with the enterprise serving everything from small businesses to large commercial companies across hundreds of locations.

The cutting edge, innovative, and wide range of supporting services means that Sirius has case studies from a range of different project types, among them:

  • Communications
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit

Solutions are delivered by Sirius through the deployment of over 1,500 technical resources, delivered by 2,600 employees boasting 5,500 professional and technical certifications.

User Opinion

Gartner Peer Reviews has only one review from a long-time Sirius client, which states that Sirius has provided “invaluable value” and has saved “time and money” for the business.

G2 offers more customer insight, with seven offering positive reviews.

Industry Recognition and Partnerships

Sirius has received awards and industry recognition, and is an IT and technology solutions partner for a multitude of top-level brands across a range of industries, among them IBM, Broadcom, Oracle, CrowdStrike, and Snowflake.

In 2020 and 2021, Sirius has won a host of accolades. Here are five of them:

  • Red Hat’s 2020 Cloud Infrastructure Success Partner of the Year
  • Cisco Advanced Customer Experience Specialization
  • Tech Elite 2021 List
  • CRN’s MSP 500 List
  • Okta Growth Partner of the Year

Sirius’ awards and recognition deal with both their technical prowess and their focus on customer experience and service.

Financial Position

Sirius has reported significant growth since 2002, and while the company is not obliged to produce financial reports due to being privately owned, an annual statement from the company shows that in 2020 income reached just under $4 billion.

The company continues to invest in services and technical vendor partnerships that work and deliver for their clients, with the vision of providing businesses of all sizes and across all industries with the solutions they need to grow and thrive in an increasingly innovative and digital world. By showcasing and celebrating their own financial strength and stability, Sirius strives to create a reputable and reliable face of technology transformation for clients across the United States.