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With a global footprint, offices around the world, and experience working in industries from high-profile broadcasting to medical services and tax return tracking, Presidio is an organization built on the concept of digital transformation and innovation.

The vision behind Presidio—one of our picks for top channel partners—is to enable their clients to adapt to the technology of today and tomorrow, presenting services which cover IT management, strategy, financial systems and more, without losing the value instilled in their existing systems.

Presidio currently has over 2,800 employees and annual revenue of $2.8 billion. With a ratio of 3:1 engineering experts to sales team experts, Presidio is focused on delivering high-quality technical experience and support to high-profile clients.

To date, Presidio has worked with just under 8,000 customers, in 100 different countries, in just 18 years of operation.


From a client perspective, Presidio offers a range of services covering different areas of digital systems and their scalability. Presidio is a digital systems integration organization which provides customers with secure cloud environments, strong enough to hold and support complete transformation. Crucially, Presidio works with clients and customers across all manner of different industries, with high level customers across every sector. This makes Presidio a multi-industry organization, able to adapt to the specific needs of different industries and their unique touchpoints.

The key service areas managed by Presidio for their clients are:

  • Strategy and Consulting: Creating processes which work on real time data and strategizing. This service makes technology work more effectively for businesses of all sizes, from optimizing people to processes and everything in between for long term impact.
  • Solutions Design: Creating a map for future innovation without losing the value of existing systems. 
  • Global Procurement and Logistics Management: A leading solution for businesses looking to expand globally and into international waters.
  • Payment and Consumptions Solutions: Understanding how technical change can impact finance and budgeting and introducing customizable finance plans to ensure that innovation always remains within budgetary constraints.
  • Managed Services: A proactive approach to IT services which go above and beyond.
  • Implementation and Operational Support: Creating a single point of focus and contact for ease and a streamlined handover.
  • Physical Security: Delivering a network security process which will keep all your digital assets safe. By implementing a tightly integrated network, we are able to ensure your internal business operations stay within the walls of your business only.

All of these services combine to create an all-round support system for businesses of all sizes, with Presidio marketing themselves as the ultimate partner for any business seeking service and technical expertise. Presidio also offers clients a lifecycle service which focuses on the implementation of all the key touchpoints to complete digital transformation, ensuring that every area of the business is effectively supporting digital growth.

In the words of Presidio’s Senior Vice President, Kevin Watkins,

“Take advantage of any of our services capabilities and technical expertise at any point. Or score straight A’s by leveraging our full lifecycle, from initial Assessments and a range of Acquisition options, to accelerating technology Adoption and Administration help to optimize it all.”

Target Markets

With services and expertise covering every industry, the target market for Presidio is broad. Presidio works to generate the right cloud technology for businesses and integrate their operations to a digital-only space, meaning that much of its marketing and focus is around businesses which haven’t yet migrated towards the cloud.

We can tell a lot about Presidio’s workforce by their ratio of engineers to sales consultants, showcasing the companies focus on driving success through hands-on support rather than simply “talking the talk”.

The impact and success rate as shown by stats on Presidio’s Solutions webpage proves how effective their strategies are, with a repeat custom rate of 92% and time spent supporting over 7,000 middle market, enterprise and government customers.

User Opinion

Previous customers and existing clients rate Presidio’s work as “a lot of fun” and “knowledgeable, strategic, and holistic”.

Presidio’s company page on Featured Customers cites reviews and testimonials from a range of clients of various caliber, including Executive Directors and Technical Service Managers – showcasing the level that Presidio is working with as part of its service delivery to clients.

On another review site, TrustRadius, Presidio is presented with a 10/10 star rating, with one review sharing:

“They take an approach that you do not see very often. The knowledge within the team is amazing and crosses over many different industries. They have rebuilt our server infrastructure, our core network and wireless and we are getting more out of it because of them. They also implemented an outstanding VoIP system.”

You can also find a series of case studies of former working partnerships between Presidio and clients here.


Presidio operates with the support of strategic partners, which breathe different levels of experience and innovation into client relationships and solutions. Presidio’s main partnerships are with technology leaders which breed business transformation in their own industries, offering every client a wider perspective and range of benefits – whether they are looking for expansion support, cloud implementation or data solutions.

Some of the top partnerships held by Presidio include AWS, Cisco, DELL Technologies, Zoom, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Industry Recognition

Presidio holds a series of awards, including two awarded in 2021:

  • Achieving all 7 of VM Ware’s Service Competencies
  • Cloud Health North America Partner of the Year

In 2020, Presidio received the following industry awards:

  • Partner of the Year, Pure Storage at the Pure Global Partner Awards
  • Software Partner of the Year and Technology Excellence Partner, Cisco at the Partner Summer Digital
  • CRN 2020 Solution Provider 500
  • US Growth Partner of the Year, Intel
  • Content Marketing Award, Content Marketing Institute

It is important to note that Presidio’s awards are not limited to technology solutions, but also span into the organization’s diversity, security, and operational culture.

Financial Position

In 2019, Presidio’s financial records showed the following for the year:

Total revenue was $3,026.1 million, an increase of 9.4% over prior year, while product revenue increased 10.9% and service revenue increased 2.9%.1 All three of Presidio’s key solutions benefitted from an increase in demand, with digital infrastructure solutions growing at the fastest rate. By the end 2019, recurring revenue from repeat custom represented 7.1% of total revenue—an increase from 2018.

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