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10 Things the Channel Should Know About Microsoft

Nadella Is No BallmerNadella Is No Ballmer

Don’t expect Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to stay the course his predecessor put Microsoft on. He’s already said in emails to his employees that Microsoft needs to change in drastic ways.

Gates Is BackGates Is Back

Bill Gates has decided to come back to Microsoft to help with technology strategy. Is that good or bad for the channel? Perhaps time will tell.

Windows Won’t Go AnywhereWindows Won’t Go Anywhere

Don’t worry about losing Windows to a cloud-focused Microsoft. That business is far too important to be let go at any time in the short and intermediate term.

Watch Out for PC VendorsWatch Out for PC Vendors

PC vendors have long been channel partners. And while they’ll stay that way, be aware that many are transitioning to consumer-focused strategies and the cloud, meaning the channel will need to maneuver with those changes.

Microsoft Hardware?Microsoft Hardware?

How will the channel respond to an increasing amount of hardware coming from Microsoft? Nadella himself has already said it’s happening. Be ready.

Transition to the CloudTransition to the Cloud

Microsoft wants nothing more than to be the cloud’s leader. That’s why VARs will need to identify the ways they can strategically position themselves in the cloud and get there as soon as possible.

The Enterprise Will Still Matter GreatlyThe Enterprise Will Still Matter Greatly

Although Microsoft is becoming more consumer-friendly, don’t worry: The company is still an enterprise-first business—especially with Nadella in charge.

A Consumer Spin?A Consumer Spin?

Although BYOD has proven troubling for VARs, Microsoft’s consumer spin might actually help the channel combat it. Wait for Microsoft to focus more heavily on consumers and see how those products might work in the office.

Windows 9 Will Be HugeWindows 9 Will Be Huge

The future of Microsoft’s software development resides in the success or failure of Windows 9. Don’t forget that.

Reputation Management Is a ConcernReputation Management Is a Concern

Who is Microsoft and who will it be 10 years from now? The company isn’t so sure, which means the channel isn’t, either. Keep a close eye on Microsoft’s reputation management.