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If we’ve learned one thing about Twitter, it’s to watch what you say out loud, in any forum, or your words might become fodder for tweeters everywhere. Even closed door meetings with no journalists present aren’t safe. Just ask Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Now Ballmer’s pretty candid even when reporters are around, but he probably didn’t expect his comments about the failings of Windows Mobile 7 at this week’s no-press-in-the-room Venture Capital Summit to be tweeted out to the Twitter faithful.

An article in PC Pro in the U.K. detailed the tweeting incident today, where one venture capitalist wrote in his 140-word limit, “”Ballmer says they screwed up with Windows Mobile. Wishes they had already lauched WM7. They completely revamped the team.”

The team, meaning the Windows Mobile 7 team. Ballmer didn’t say who was to blame for all the missteps with the operating system, but I’m sure it was a group lack of execution. Developers, underwhelmed by Windows Mobile 6.5, have been awaiting version 7 as a viable alternative to Google’s Android and the iPhone. Version 7 isn’t coming out until sometime next year now.

My question is this, are the delays around Windows Mobile 7 more of a black eye for Microsoft than harmful to partners’ businesses? For ISVs looking to write applications, it’s clearly a drag to have this platform delayed. But partners aren’t selling mobile phones, though granted there is integration work around the software and support for corporate email on handhelds.

What are the solutions and services do mobile OSes create for solution providers? I’d like to hear your ideas, success stories and innovations.